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Q & A With Carson Soucy

by Mike Doyle / Minnesota Wild

The Wild selected Carson Soucy in the fifth-round (137th overall) in this summer’s NHL Entry Draft. Last season, the Irma, Alberta native skated for the Spruce Grove Saints in the Alberta Junior Hockey League. Next season, he is set to lace up his skates in the State of Hockey, entering his freshman season at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Managing Editor Mike Doyle sat down with Soucy at Wild Development Camp earlier this summer.

You didn’t attend the draft this summer, how did you find out you were picked by Minnesota?

My advisor called me and I was having a conversation with him, and as I was watching the Draft on T.V., my name popped up.

Who were you watching the draft with?

My family. My mom (Debbie) and brother (Tyson).

Did you have any idea that Minnesota might pick you?

It was a complete shock. I didn’t talk to them much over the season, but I guess it helps that I’m going to Duluth next season. It’s just a two-hour drive and they can check in on me whenever they want.

Speaking of Duluth, what drew you to that school from Alberta?

They were interested early and talked to me quite a bit, which is something you want to look for. Then I went down there on my fly-down and I got along with the coaches great, plus I really liked the city and it’s exactly what I was looking for.

Yeah, right on the Superior, it’s a great location.

It’s a beautiful place.

Do you have a lot of lakes where you’re from?

Decent amount, I’m not around one. But it’s nice to have that access and (Duluth) is a great view out there.

So, how did you come up with your Twitter handle (@DrSouce71)?

I think it was actually my cousin once, he called me it and I decided that’s what my Twitter name should be.

Has it become a nickname?

It has around here. Kirk (Olson, Wild Strength and Conditioning Coach) calls me it quite a bit. Some people back home call me Doctor.

You play fast-pitch softball, how did you get into that sport?

There wasn’t a lot to do—there was no baseball where I live. That was the only sport in the summer and all of my friends play, so I ended up playing and growing up loving the game.

And you’ve gotten to a pretty high level, were you recently in some sort of national tournament?

Yeah, I went to Argentina this past year for the junior-aged Worlds. I think there were five from my hometown that went and made the team, too.

And that was representing all of Canada?

Yeah, that was all of Canada.

What was that experience like, was it the first time you’ve traveled outside of North America?

Yeah, that was the first time. It was a little different; it’s a bit of a poorer country, but a great experience. It got a bit long, being there three weeks, but the ball was fun and really competitive. I had a great time.

What was the most memorable thing that happened, was it on the field or did you get to do anything cool off the field?

I’d have to say on the field. There were a couple thousand fans at every game and being on the field there felt pretty surreal.

What are you looking forward to the most out of your freshman year at Duluth?

I’m looking forward to getting on the ice with the guys. I think we’ll have a pretty strong team. It’s going to be interesting with the new league (Duluth joins the National Collegiate Hockey Conference in the inaugural season next year). Hopefully we can make a good run.

What are you looking forward to off the ice?

I enjoy hanging and getting to know the guys on the team. The upperclassmen live off campus, so we hang out over there quite a bit.

Oh, so you’ve already been in Duluth this summer?

Yeah, I was down there in May taking classes.

What did you take?

I took a modern history class and introduction to music class.

Do you know what you want to major in, or are you going to take a couple of classes to figure out what you like?

I’m taking business right now, but after my first year taking some of the intro classes if I want to change, then I will.

What piques your interest in business?

I think a lot of hockey players seem to take business and it can lead you into some good jobs after college.

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