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Q & A Between The Pipes

by Mike Doyle / Minnesota Wild

Goaltenders have gained the reputation around hockey rinks for being interesting characters. At the beginning of last week’s Houston Aeros Training Camp, presented by Andersen Windows, wanted to put this stereotype to the test and let Aeros goaltenders Matt Hackett and Darcy Kuemper interview each other. The conversation took place after an ice session and an end of practice scrimmage before the weekend games between Team Green and Team Red. Here is how a fairly normal conversation went between the two goalies. We start with Hackett interviewing Kuemper.

Hackett: So Darcy, how was your summer?

Kuemper: It was a lot of fun, but a lot of rehab though (Editor's note: Kuemper had shoulder surgery at the end of last season). It was pretty busy. Just a typical summer: a lot of time at the lake and a lot of time at the gym.

Hackett: Nice. I heard you found a new girl?

Kuemper: (Smiles) Uh, no. No, I’m single. Ladies, I’m single (Laughter).

Hackett: You heard it here first; he’s single. What else, well today you beat me in the inner-scrimmage how do you feel about that?

Kuemper: It meant a lot to Team Green. We really put it all out there. To come out with a win, the boys deserved it. We’re pretty happy and it’s a lot of momentum going into camp.

Hackett: And in that run today, I couldn’t help but notice you were one of the last ones finishing (Editor's note: The Aeros conducted its fitness testing, including interval sprints, which by all accounts were pretty grueling).

Kuemper: You know I might’ve spent it all on the jumps and the run was the last (test), so the legs were a little fatigued. I had already spent all my gas.

(Kumper takes the microphone to interview Hackett.)

Kuemper: So Matt, how was your summer?

Hackett: It was great. I did a lot of workouts, went golfing, and actually got a new girl, so it was pretty good.

Kuemper: So tell me about your newfound love. How long have you been together and what’s her name?

Hackett: I wouldn’t say it’s love, yet. Her name is Haley, great girl. She plays volleyball. She has two years left in school, so she won’t be moving down with me too soon, but it’s good. She’s a real nice girl.

Kuemper: Good to hear, good to hear. How’s your (golf) swing these days? Are you dialed in? Maybe we’ll get out for a round or two this year.

Hackett: Oh, it’s a lot better than yours Darcy. I’ve seen you play and I don’t want to see it again.

Kuemper: I might have a little right to left action. How are you going to bounce back after that tough loss out there today?

Hackett: You know what, just get a good night sleep, get some food in me tonight and be ready to go tomorrow.

Kuemper: Did it mean a lot to you to beat me by one second in the run?

Hackett: Oh it was huge, huge for my confidence.

Kuemper: Matt, thanks for your time.

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