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NHL Official Dave Newell Quote

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild


Thursday, December 15, 2005 Minnesota versus Boston

Manny claims that Leggo told him that he saw Samsonov punch in the second goal, but he wanted to go up and be certain and because it wasn’t conclusive and he ruled goal, it remained a goal? 

“What happened is Samsonov’s back and body were between the referee and the puck. Now, our policy for the referee on the goal-line is you must make a signal one way or the other because if it comes back inconclusive, obviously the call goes to the guy on the ice. In this case, he saw a movement, saw the puck go over the line and signaled goal, and that’s the right thing to do. And there was some doubt in his mind as to actually, ’Did it go off his stick? Did it go off his hand?’ So, the way the system works, Mike was calling up as we were calling down because we had a concern as well. So we also have Toronto on the line from the war room. And, we took probably longer than we should have, but the end result was there was no intent seen on Samsonov to deliberately direct the puck into the net. If you see the replay, you see his face kind of goes back like this (Newell makes a flinching look) as the hand comes up. So it’s ruled a deflection."

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