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My Perfect Hockey Day

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild

 It doesn’t matter who is playing at the rink, just as long as everybody is playing.
As we count down to Hockey Day Minnesota on January 20, will share just a few of the many submissions from hockey fans throughout Minnesota who shared their "Perfect Hockey Day." Many more submissions will be posted here when Saturday arrives.

Today, our story comes from Nelson Kivimaki of Golden Valley, who epitomizes what playing hockey through fatigue is all about.

The perfect day for hockey. What does that mean? 

It means going to the arena and lacing up the skates, while going over every person on your teams tendencies and habits, so when they do it, you know what they are doing. 

Sitting in the locker room in nervous anticipation that you get before every game. 

Once the rink manager buzzes the horn and you walk down the hallway, looking over your pads and going over your plays, practically shaking before you play for the next 45 to 50 minutes, sweating and living off of your adrenaline. 

Possibly getting injured, but fighting through the pain because you are a hockey player. You fight through all struggles in life. 

You stick with your hockey buddies at lunch, because you know them better than anyone else.  You live with them. You go to school with them, see each other all the time, hang out with each other, and work together. You and everyone on your team are a unit.  

After playing your game, barely being able to walk, getting a call from your buddies asking if you want to go out on the pond and play a pickup game. It doesn’t matter who is there, just that you get to lace up the skates at least one more time today. 

After playing for a few more hours, driving home falling asleep on the way, even though it is only five minutes away. 

Once you get home, you call your buddies one more time, and start up a knee hockey and NHL videogame tournament, and spend the rest of the night fighting over if that goal was luck or skill, who has the hardest shot, who gets to play who in the tournaments, if there can be teams. In the end, the fighting all turns into fun, fighting in the videogame, ripping slapshots when the knee hockey game has three seconds left and the game is tied. 

Then going to bed practically passing out because you just had the best day ever, playing hockey all day, and loving every minute of it.

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