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Mike Kitchen Postgame Quotes

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild


Tuesay, April 4, 2006 versus Minnesota

Is this tough to lose the game after you get a good game out of Divis? 

“Yeah, its real tough.  I mean we scored enough goals, we should be able to win the game.  We made a couple errors there that ended up in the back of their net.”

What did you think of Harding [Josh] tonight? 

“It was quite an experience for your first NHL game.  You go through overtime and especially the way overtime was, there were a lot of chances and then to handle a shootout your first game, you’ll remember that.”

You had the offense tonight

“Yeah we did, the offense was there and four goals is enough to win.  We made a couple of errors that we shouldn’t have made.  We are not an over confident club right now and we get a little up tight but the effort is still there.  We just cannot have the turnovers that we did.”

Reinhard Divis

“The last goal I slide in and when they clean the ice, you have to move back so quick to make a good move and I slide with the puck in the net.  At least we got a point, it is just sad that we couldn’t finish again.”

Do you feel like you stopped that puck even though you backed into the goal? 

“Yeah, but I slid behind the line so it’s a goal.”

What about that save on Gaborik with 45 seconds left in overtime? 

“I shot the puck away but I came to slow and when I think about it now, he came from the side and I saw the break away.  He had to cross the net and I moved fast enough and he had pressure from our defensemen.  He couldn’t really do much.”

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