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Lemaire memories: Mike Ramsey

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild
By Mike Ramsey, Wild Assistant Coach

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There are tons of stories from the bench, things with the officials, or little interactions. He'd put certain guys on the ice, and I'd look at him, then he'd make a face back at me.

We had lots of fun. That's one thing about Jacques ...

He's a very private person, so a lot of people might not know, but he loves to laugh and to joke around. On the flip side, he can turn it around and be very serious.

During games, from the bench, I'm watching the game. He's changing the forward lines, and Mario's changing the D. It was my role to feed him stuff throughout the game. So, after nine years together, when something happened on the ice, I knew what he wanted.

He'd just have to look at me. I'd go, "I got it."

Sometimes, though, and it was pretty rare, but he'd ask if I told a player about one thing or another.

"Yeah, I told him," I'd say.

"Well, can you tell him again?"

We became comfortable with each other and all the little idiosyncrasies that make a coaching staff come together. He didn't know me from anything when I got the job, and to be somewhere nine years, in coaching, you don't often think you'll be somewhere nine years.

It makes you a little sad because it's the end of an era. It's like a marriage. I'll talk to him on the phone, to bug him, or he'll bug me. It's the end of an era, but our friendship's not going anywhere.
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