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Jacques Lemaire Postgame Quotes

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild


Sunday, March 19, 2006 versus Calgary

Another one waived off.  How do you absorb that again, and what did they tell you? 

“Well, I thought we worked hard the whole game.  We got a tough break at the start and it took us a while to get back.  That’s where they got a lot of shots there, and they were controlling the game at that point.  And then I would say, mid first period, we started to play better with the puck and skate better.”

Were you unhappy with the call after seeing it? 

“I was unhappy, we see this all the time.  If the goalie can’t move, if he can’t go across, that’s fine.  The goalie tries to go across, and he went across, and he missed the puck.  There’s a lot worse than this.”

Things are so tight that one mishap like that…… 

“It doesn’t say that we would have won the game.  Let’s just say that I could feel that the players were different, playing different after the call.  A little discouraged.  We’re behind them and trying to make them forget that and go to work.  You just don’t turn that as quick as you want, or as you wish.  But we battled back and we came back, and could have tied the game, but their goalie was really good.” 

Kyle Wanvig

Did Phaneuf (Dion) push you on that one goal? 

“When your battling in front of the net, you know, it’s basically fair game for either guy.  He pushed me, I wasn’t in the crease, so I don’t understand because Kiprusoff (Miikka) hit my foot going across.  They couldn’t explain what the reason was, but he said because he was going across and hit me its goalie interference.  But I wasn’t in the crease so I don’t know.  I’ve been in there my whole life, I know when I’m in the crease and when I’m not.  They didn’t really explain it.”

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