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Get To Know: Kyle Brodziak

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild

Kyle Brodziak is new to the Wild, and he's actually new to America, having never played here before. But he has enjoyed his new surroundings, and he's given what the Wild had expected when he was acquired from Edmonton this past summer. Brodziak answered some random questions from, and here they are. Is there any kind of transition someone from Canada has to make to living in the United States?

Kyle Brodziak: There's a few things. Obviously the money exchange is different. I guess when you look at a sign, it says three miles and you have to think about it to realize it's not three kilometers. But really there's not too much adjusting that I had to do here. Pick any two all-time wingers to be your linemates.

KB: All-time? Geez. All the guys I want to say are centers. I'd probably go Mark Messier and Alexander Ovechkin. You've said that Jonathan Papelpon is a person you'd like to meet. Why him of all people?

KB: I'm a pretty big Red Sox fan. I like his intimidation on the mound. He's a focused guy on the mound, so I'd like to meet a guy like that. How does a kid from Western Canada become a Red Sox fan?

KB: I don't know. I never really got big into baseball until maybe 2000 when I was 16 or 17. There was two or three years before they won the championship that I started watching them with some buddies who were

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big baseball fans. I followed their lead and sure enough they won just a few years later. When you move to a new area, do you start following the other teams in that market?

KB: Yeah! I've never been that big of a football fan, but I find myself watching it a lot more with the Vikings having such a good year. Everytime you turn your TV on they're talking about the Vikes, so I definitely find myself watching football and the Vikings more than I did before. Is there a significance behind the number 21?

KB: None at all. I was 51 in Edmonton and that's the number they gave me. When I got traded here, Sheppard was 51 so I had to pick a number and 21 just popped in my head. My wife liked that number too, so she said to pick that one. You didn't offer Shep anything for the number?

KB: No, no, no. I'm not picky about numbers at all. Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you do?

KB: Every guy does it, but I tape my stick the same way everytime. When we're walking through the tunnel onto the ice, I usually follow John Scott and I mimic what he does. If he hits his stick against the wall, I'll do the same thing. If he gives some fans a high five, I'll give the same fans a high five. I just like to mimic what he does. There seems to be a troublemaking group forming of Cal Clutterbuck, Josh Harding, James Sheppard and you. Do you guys have a name for this pack yet?

KB: We joke around a little bit during drills and we'll call ourselves the "Warehouse District Kids" because we all live near each other in downtown Minneapolis. Is there a teammate you like to get the better of in practice?

KB: Definitely Harding. If I'm scoring one day, I'll make sure I give it to him after practice. And if I didn't score at all, he's always making sure he let's me know about it. As for friendly battles, Mikko and I have some good ones. If we're going against each other, we battle hard, but we make sure it's fun too. What was your younger brother's favorite part about the recent Guest trip that the Wild made to Chicago?

KB: His favorite part was probably going out to have some drinks in Chicago. He's still pretty young and likes to have fun and he got to see a new city. I know he definitely enjoyed shooting hoops on the Chicago Bulls basketball floor too. But overall, I know he loved the whole trip.
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