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Get To Know: Andrew Ebbett

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild


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Andrew Ebbett is the only hockey player to have skated for three NHL teams this season, but we all know that the Twin Cities is by far his favorite location in the world. But what don’t we know about the diminutive player who once starred at the University of Michigan? He shed a little light on himself in the latest “Get To Know” campaign. What was your favorite part about going to school at Michigan?

Andrew Ebbett: Oh man. I think the whole small-town feel on the campus was my favorite part. Everyone thinks it’s such a big school, but it’s pretty compact and everybody comes together for the football games on Saturdays. It’s kind of a tight-knit campus. Were you big into the football scene there?

AE: Yeah, usually at the start of the season in September. That was kind of the football time for us. Michigan has more players in the NHL than any other school. How has that happened?

AE: I think it shows a lot for what Red Berenson has done and the way he’s run his program. He likes getting guys ready for the pros, and he runs the team like a professional team in college. Did that help your transition, because you didn’t spend much time in the minors?

AE: Definitely it helped. It seems like every night, I’m running into a guy that’s played at Michigan so it’s fun to see. You live in British Columbia. Is there any chance of you going to take in some of the Olympics in person?

AE: No, I’m not going back this year. I think it’s going to be a little too crazy. My dad drives his delivery truck back and forth to Vancouver a couple days a week, so he’s not looking forward to the Olympics. His schedule is all messed up. It’s going to be a crazy couple weeks in B.C. Besides hockey, what sport do you think you’ll end up watching during the Olympics?

AE: I like the new Snocross stuff…the snowboarding and skiing when they race down the hill. I like the bobsledding too. They’re always fun to watch. Other than hockey, what’s your best sport?

AE: I played a lot of lacrosse when I was younger, but I kind of quit that when I moved into junior hockey. Now, it’s probably golf, but it’s more of a practice sport. The more I play, the better I get, but I’m trying to make that my best hobby. What’s your favorite part of the Twin Cities so far?

AE: We’ve been on the road so much, it seems like I haven’t had any time to do anything. I do like the different restaurants. But honestly, coming to the rink is my favorite part. Even before I came here, this has been my favorite rink to play in. To be on the home side of this atmosphere has been a blast. What is it about here that stands out more than other arenas?

AE: I think it’s the hockey knowledge that the fans have here. It reminds me of playing up in Canada. The fans know so much, with 18,000 people here, they groan and they cheer when they’re supposed to. It’s a fun place to play. You have a great crowd, but do you still have any pump-up music?

AE: I’m a pretty easy-going guy, but I guess I’d go with a little rock-and-roll. I’m not a big rap guy. I’m pretty low-key. I usually don’t get too fired up until we go out there for the start of the game. On, we recently did a Wild look-alike feature, but we couldn’t find anybody for you. Is there anybody out there that you look like?

AE: (laughs) There’s a guy on the PGA Tour that a lot of my buddies say I look like. His name is Aaron Baddeley. I guess when he wears a hat, we have the same kind of look. I kind of see it when I look at some of the pictures. You seem like such a nice guy, but so far this year, Ed Jovanovski has been suspended for a hit on you, and T.J. Oshie probably should have been for a slew-foot move on you. What are you doing to anger these guys so much?

AE: (laughs) I wish I knew. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a little lighter on my feet and smaller on the ice so I get the forearms or the elbows. So it’s not a case of you trash-talking them until they snap?

AE: No, I’m pretty quiet on the ice. You’re not going to see me trash talk too much unless there’s more dirty plays like that.
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