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Brent Burns Beard Blog

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild

The Stanley Cup Playoffs and bearded hockey players. One without the other is like used hockey equipment without rancid body odor. Playoff beards have garnered so much attention over the years because no two are alike. There's the bushy beards, the trimmed goatees and the awful patch work cheeks. We love them all.

As the Wild embarks on a playoff run that we hope ends in June with havoc being reeked on the Wild locker room plumbing from all of the loose facial hair, we want to better understand the relationship between player and beard.

Fortunately, Brent Burns, who will be taking part in his first-ever NHL postseason, has agreed to give us behind-the-scenes access to his playoff beard growth. As often as possible, we will check in with Burns to check the growth status, the itchiness factor as well as upkeep issues complete with photos.

Second installment - April 10, 2007

Sorry this is late getting up on the site. I'm pretty sure the guy that handles was asleep at the switch.

There's really not much progress to report on the playoff beard today, unfortunately. It's going to be tough for me and I'm going to have to give it a lot more time than a couple days. It might be a good thing though. If the hair stops growing, it might conserve some energy for my legs.

As for the other guys, we had a four-hour flight so Keith Carney had a full beard by the time we landed. He's getting ready to shave again.

We'll give it a game and I'll report back on Thursday and hopefully have some more facial hair to talk about.

First installment - April 9, 2007


I just clipped the beard the other day to get ready to grow my playoff beard. The beard is pretty exposed and it is not the prettiest thing right now.

I'm not expecting too much with this beard. I'm expecting a few patches here and there, depending on how long it takes to grow. It usually takes a good three weeks before you ever notice any type of fuzz on there so we'll see how it goes. At least I won't have the worst beard on the team. Mikko Koivu can only grow hair from his chin down. Pierre-Marc Bouchard struggles with hair anywhere on the head region, so I don't know how he'll stack up. Keith Carney shaves six times a day. And, Stephane Veilleux may have the red fury. There's going to be some good ones I think.

Right now, I have some whiskers sprouting up, but that's because I didn't shave it down to the wood. We'll check and see how things go tomorrow. Maybe the elevation in the plane ride will cause some more growth.

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