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Stars Unveil Dynamic Ticket Pricing

by Dallas Stars Staff / Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars are changing the way that ticketing is done for NHL hockey games, with an eye on selling more tickets and giving fans a great value. And it all starts this Saturday at 10 am when single-game seats go on sale for Stars regular season games in October and November.

The Stars have entered into a partnership with Qcue, an Austin-based software company, to introduce dynamic ticket pricing on single-game tickets in the upper level of American Airlines Center.

The team is using Qcue’s algorithm-based software application to integrate elements of airline pricing into the team’s single-game ticket pricing for the upper level, allowing real-time market conditions and consumer demand to set the right price at the right time. The application is designed to respond to changing conditions related to each individual game.

Similar to airline pricing, the best prices are often found early. Dynamic pricing will provide fans with great prices starting from the initial on-sale on Sept. 12. The upper level single-game ticket prices can go up or down based on a variety of factors, including league standings, opposing team, star players, day of the week, and real time supply and demand. Dynamic pricing for upper level tickets will continue all season. Fans will be able to check out the current prices at any time at

The Stars used the Qcue’s software to set initial single-game gate prices for October and November contests, all of which go on sale on Saturday, Sept. 12 at 10 am.

A Look at What Upper Level Single-Game Prices Will Look Like on Sept. 12 at 10 am
Game Date Opponent


Terrace East

Sat., Oct. 3 Nashville $60 $40 $30 $15
Wed., Oct. 14 Nashville $36 $24 $24 $14
Fri., Oct. 16 Boston $60 $40 $30 $15
Mon., Oct. 19 Los Angeles $36 $24 $24 $14
Wed., Oct. 28 Toronto $52 $37 $29 $14
Fri., Oct. 30 Florida $50 $35 $27 $14
Wed., Nov. 4 Calgary $36 $24 $24 $14
Fri., Nov. 6 Vancouver $50 $35 $27 $14
Thurs., Nov. 19 Columbus $36 $24 $24 $14
Sat., Nov. 21 New Jersey $60 $40 $30 $15
Mon., Nov. 23 Carolina $36 $24 $24 $14
Wed., Nov. 25 St. Louis $52 $37 $29 $14
Sat., Nov. 28 Tampa Bay $60 $40 $30 $15

2008-09 Single-Game Gate Price $60 $40 $30 $15
2009-10 Full Season Ticket Price $33 $21 $21 $13


"We are very excited to partner with Qcue and introduce dynamic pricing to our fans this season," said Stars President Jeff Cogen. "The system is very flexible and will create fantastic opportunities to come watch the Dallas Stars. In an environment where everyone is looking for the best value possible, dynamic pricing will truly benefit both our team and our fans."

The Stars put Qcue's software to work last week, looking at many variables to set the upper level prices for the first 13 home games.

"It is very interesting to see the many factors that the algorithm takes into account when recommending prices," said Cogen. "Some of the suggested on-sale prices were near last year's gate while some were lower. It even suggested that three games should have higher prices than last season – like Opening Night and weekend games against Boston and New Jersey. But, for our initial on-sale weekend, we decided not to raise any prices. So, fans that do buy tickets this weekend will get a great value. By Monday, the algorithm might tell us something different based on sales data from the weekend and some prices could change. Like when buying airline tickets, customers that purchase early will get the best prices."

Dynamic pricing is the future of live event ticketing. It is all about getting more fans to experience Stars hockey.

“Event pricing, until now, has struggled to respond to changing demand and conditions,” said Qcue CEO Barry Kahn. “The Dallas Stars are leading the way in bringing this new ticket pricing strategy to the National Hockey League. By incorporating real-time factors into their ticket pricing model, dynamic pricing offers great benefits to the team and its fans.”

The Dallas Stars are the first NHL team to adopt the use of dynamic ticket pricing, currently used by professional sports teams in other leagues including Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants.

Stars single-game tickets in the upper and lower level of American Airlines Center go on sale this Saturday at 10 am, right here at or by calling 214-GO-STARS.

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