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Seguin's Best Friends

by Bruce LeVine / Dallas Stars

If one thing has been proven throughout time, people love a good boy and his dog story. “Old Yeller” made everyone cry. “Lassie” made a generation of TV viewers cheer on a weekly basis. “Marly and Me” proved audiences will sit through two hours of Owen Wilson as long as a cute dog is the focal point of the movie. For one Dallas Star, the classic boy-dog partnership is more than a story line, it’s a way of life.

“Since birth we’ve always been a dog family. My mother currently has four back home. Growing up we’ve had dogs, especially Labs,” said Tyler Seguin.

For some, it’s hard to believe that a 22-year-old phenom with rock star status would be the perfect owner for a lucky canine. Despite already playing four seasons of NHL hockey, Seguin is still the age of an average college senior, living thousands of miles from his family. Having pets help ease the occasional longing for home.

“Even though you never think they are going to cheer you up they always do when you walk through the door,” said Seguin. “It’s a good feeling. I’m a single guy with no family down here and don’t come home to anyone. Definitely walking through the door to them always makes me feel happy.”

The Seguin-Lab partnership began three years ago with the adoption of Marshall, a Chocolate lab with impressive bloodlines. According to Tyler, Marshall’s father was a Canadian champion and an extremely intelligent animal. He must be very smart because Marshall is one of the few dogs to own his own Twitter account (@marshallseguin), with more than 4,000 followers. His most common tweet “DAD SCORED!!!!” has been getting a lot of use since his master leads the NHL in goals scored.

Over the summer, Seguin decided one housemate wasn’t enough and adopted another purebred, this time a black lab named Cash, in honor of legendary singer Johnny Cash. The puppy is now five months old and has made quite the impression on other visitors to the Seguin residence.

“I think the little one takes control over the big one, and both of them run his show. I think Tyler takes a bit of a beating,” joked Jamie Benn. “He’s got a couple of cool dogs, full of energy, full of life, and they make a mess of that house for sure.”

Another frequent visitor is the other half of the Benn brothers, who believes Marshall and Cash are the perfect roommates for Seguin.

“It’s definitely not Segie’s house, it’s definitely the dogs’ home. What animal lover doesn’t let his pet run the place?” asked Jordie Benn. “When you have a bad day and come home, they don’t know it. The dogs just cheer you up. It’s always nice to come home to a couple of pets who love you.”

As a single guy living in a big house, Seguin claims dog ownership has forced him to clean up more than he used to. He also likes to be a ‘normal” dog daddy with plenty of long walks and afternoons spent in the park. But most importantly, Marshall and Cash have brought a little bit of home and a lot of happiness to the most electrifying player Dallas Stars fans have seen in years.

“If they are not sleeping, they are running around the house chasing each other. Any time you’re home and just hanging out it’s fun,” beams Seguin. For a guy like me a long way from home and in a different country, I can call them my family.”

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