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Razor's Inaugural 16Th Annual 10 Things That Need To Go

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

They don't invite me to the General Managers meetings because of one measly friggin technicality; I'm not a GM.

Ya I agree, what a joke. But if I was given a voice here's what I would table for discussion and dismissal.

1) Elimination of the Redline

Brett Hull was right. The worst, most anti-skill play in hockey, the one where a d-man slap-passes the puck to a forward just over center-ice and he angles his stick to tip the puck deep into the other end of the rink, is about 90% of what the decision to remove the redline has produced - and it suuuuuucccckkkkks.

2) Trapezoidal Areas

It never worked. Whoever came up with it didn't understand geometry, or modern goaltenders, or game flow.

3) Kicking Motion

This needs to be rewritten to say, " long as the players skate never leaves the ice, good goal"

4) Illegal Hand Pass

No one can explain to me why a hand pass should be allowed in the defensive zone only. Unless, the league secretly wants to aid defense and bridle offense, which I know isn't the case

5) Icing

Hybrid Icing intrigues me. No, its not better for the environment and mileage but...whoa, hey, wait, or is it in a way?

6) Overtime

Necessary for playoffs, unnecessary for the regular season. For the first 82 lets just play 60 minutes for two points and then, if tied, go straight to a 5-man Shootout. Save some wear and tear, and save our fans from more intermissions and confusing standings.

7) Face-off Rules

Face em up, both players sticks down, drop puck. Simple! Right now it's too much of a sideshow. The play should be the thing, not the pre-play.

8) Permitted Icing During Penalty Kills

A team should be fully penalized for an infraction, not 'partially'. You can't ice it during even strength play so why permit it when you've done something delinquent?! Duh.

9) Late Period In-Arena Goal/Penalty Announcements Made After the Intermission

This is more an annoyance than a rule, and its self explanatory - and its really dumb if you think about it for half a second.

10) Morning Skates

Originally adopted to get players out of bed and perhaps curb late night extra-curricular activity the night before games, its unnecessary nowadays - it's a much different time. Adapt. Abolish. It's now merely a wooby blanket for coaches and some players, and a colossal time waste for everyone else. Not to mention an unnecessary added workload for the athletes.

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