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Razor With an Edge: Captain Benn

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

"Look at me. Look at me...I'm the Captain now"

Jamie Benn doesn't have to recite that line from Captain Phillips, his play has stated that fact, emphatically.

I wonder how many NHL captains have been guys drafted in the 5th round?

I wonder how many have seemed as glove a fit for a captaincy at such a young age as one Jamie Randolph Benn?

And I seriously wonder just how many current captains in this league are better at wearing the "C" and leading a team than the Stars 'find a way or make a way' sea-parter is.

Penguins captain Sidney Crosby is right, Jamie Benn is the player you'd want to build your team around. And that's exactly what's going on in Dallas these days.

As a player, he's probably the best left winger in the game today. As a teammate, he seems the type you want next to you in the room and on the bench (not to mention on the ice). And as a leader, he appears to have that intangible, that something, that innate ability to read a game's flow and ebb and impact it in a way that alters the bad or accentuated the good.

Alexander Bain said, "Instinct is untaught ability"

Jamie has real good instincts.

And I loved his response to a question from DMN Starsbeat wag, Mike Heika. Prior to the season Mike asked him, "Are you more comfortable as the captain now?" Jamie's answer, "I never was uncomfortable with the 'C', from day one." Honest. Matter of fact. Confident.

Now, just 92 games into his captaincy, I'd hold him up with - but just below - two of the very best captains in the league. Zdeno Chara in Boston and Jonathan Toews in Chicago. Those two have led their respective clubs to Cup victories. Benn seems destined to do the same in Dallas.

Maybe the best way to look at my claim is to juxtapose him with every other current captain in the NHL (Or paste him onto the captaincy void some clubs currently have) and ask the question, If you were GM or coach which guy would you want to be wearIng the 'C'?

The Dallas Stars have been blessed with two excellent, soft spoken, hard-nosed, lead by example, long term captains in past; Derian Hatcher and Brenden Morrow. Looks like that tradition lives on.

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