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Razor with an Edge: Airborne Info

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

I Didn't Sleep on the Plane So That I Could Inform You of This


The great Bill Walsh believed that the more turnover you have in your football department the less likely it will be that you will succeed. Therefore hiring good people and having a great deal of patience is tantamount to winning on a consistent basis.

Good franchise-building advice for any sport.

As a hockey example, from 1993 to 2007 (14 years) the Dallas Stars had:

-2 Owners
-2 Presidents (1 really. Who remembers Jim Cramer?)
-2 General Managers
-3 Coaches
-5 Captains

Special Teams

There is an old algorithm for success that states you have to have the percentage of your Power play and the percentage of your Penalty Kill add up to at least 100. (ie. 20% PP + 82% PK = 102%). This seems to have held true for the Stars. The last time they finished a season with this winning equation was 2007-08 (103.5) which was also the last time they made the playoffs.

Loser Points on the Road

The lack of points earned in losses on the road (embarrassing oxymoron) has no doubt been a factor in the Stars narrowly missing out on a playoff spot in recent seasons. They 'earned' only 7 points in Overtime or Shootout losses over their last 111 road games.

Hat Tricks?

There is a rumor that in hockey when a player scores three goals in a game it's called a 'hat trick'. Stars fans can be excused if not familiar with the term as therehas not been one of these registered by a Dallas Star in any of the past three seasons. None. The last guy to induce a chapeau shower was Steve Ott in March of 2010 in a 5-1 pasting of the Sharks and Nabokov.

Prior to this three year futility the franchise (both in Minnesota and Dallas) had never gone so much as back-to-back years without a Trick.

The most three-goal games by players in one season? That was 1985-86. The N. Stars registered 11 of them. ELEVEN! And how about the scores:

5-5 @ Chi
9-2 vs Chi
10-2 @Det
8-3 @ NJ
8-7 vs Tor
6-5 @ Chi
8-5 @ Det
6-5 vs Stl
6-5 @ Cgy
5-4 @ Det

Yes, once upon a time the Hawks and Wings sucked.

*One more note on Stars Hat Tricks. December 23rd, 1990 at the Hartford Civic Center - Dave Gagner registered one. You’re welcome Dave.

Ruff Era

Stars coach Lindy Ruff spent 15 seasons behind the Sabres bench in Buffalo. His tenure started in 1997 and ended when he was fired 17 games into last season. An incredible run. That kind of coach-loyalty just doesn't exist very often, in any sport. Consider this, you would have to string together the Dallas Stars coaching tenures of Bob Gainey, Ken Hitchcock and Dave Tippett in order to equal the span Ruff spent in Buffalo. Amazing.

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