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Q&A with Matt Niskanen

by Graham Clark / Dallas Stars

Matt Niskanen was in town recently to workout with some of the Stars’ top prospects. He took a few minutes to talk about his workout regimen, playing in the World Championships, and his love of the Minnesota Twins.

Matt Niskanen Video Highlights
What are you doing to stay in shape this summer? Are you trying to bulk up or are you working on your conditioning?

“I am working to improve my lower-body strength right now. Lot of lifting weights, some running and I will start gearing up more later in the summer. I have been working out back home in Virginia, Minn. and J.J. McQueen (Stars’ Strength and Conditioning Coach) asked me to come to Dallas and work out with some of our younger guys this past week.”

What was your experience like at the World Championships in Switzerland? And playing against your Dallas teammates, Nicklas Grossman and Loui Eriksson.

“It was good. I had a real good time playing with a lot of those guys from Team USA. We ended up coming just short of a medal but it was good experience for me. It was a fun tournament and there was some good hockey being played.

“Loui and Grossman both had pretty good tournaments. I actually played against them twice and it was a little different seeing my roommate (Grossman) on the other side of the ice. They ended up getting the best of us in the final game.”

What do you think about Karlis Skrastins? What do you think he is going to bring to the team?

“I am not all that familiar with him because we rarely get to play teams from the East. I know he is a veteran and a steady defenseman, I am anxious to meet him and hopefully play with him.”

What do you think about the Stars draft picks? Scott Glennie- Brandon\Alex Chiasson- Des Moines.

Scott Glennie is working out with us now and I know that he is a very fast skater. Our other recent draft picks are working out with us right now also like Jamie Benn, Scott Winkler and Philip Larsen. It is exciting to see these guys around the locker room because they all seem very talented and ready to learn.”

What was draft day like for you?

“Unfortunately, I was drafted during the lockout year so we did not get to go to Ottawa. I was sitting at my cabin with some friends and family watching it on TV. I found out simultaneously from the TV and the phone call from the Stars. It was pretty exciting.”

Are you planning any trips or have you been on vacation anywhere yet?

“I have done a lot of fishing up in Minnesota and in Canada this summer. Other than that I have not gone too far this summer just hanging out at the lake.”

Have you seen any good movies this summer?

“I saw The Hangover. I thought that was great and the other night I got to see Transformers 2.”

Have you seen any concerts or been to any baseball games this summer?

“I actually got to go on opening day to the Minnesota Twins game. Growing up in Minnesota I was a big Twins fan. Mark Parrish knows Justin Morneau (First Baseman) and he got us tickets to the game. It’s always a lot of fun.”

Have you talked to New Head Coach Marc Crawford? What are your thoughts on him?

“I have not had a chance to talk to Coach Crawford yet. He left a message on my phone but we have been playing phone tag back and forth. I’m sure we will be talking soon. I look forward to meeting him and talking with him about next season.”

Did you do anything for the Fourth of July? Fireworks, BBQ, spend time with family/friends?

“A few of my friends and I went to a street dance at a neighboring town in Minn., which was a lot of fun. They had food and fireworks near the lake in town. It was a lot of fun and a good way to celebrate.”

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