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Points For Coming

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

Lots of ideas and suggestion about how to fix the current NHL points system.





What the new system, if there were to be one, would have to guard against is being too confusing for the casual or even the common fan. Trying to figure out true records and who is over/under .500 shouldn't make fans as mentally overwhelmed as baby in a topless bar.

Or should it?

Should points be kept in a completely arbitrary and fantastical way?

3 pts for looking like your team 'wanted it more'. 2 pts for 'sticking together as a team'. 1pt for 'not having as much talent' as opponent but still tried real hard.


Well then why don't we just award the team that finishes with more goals 2 points and the other team no points at all, because in the game that was played they were losers. Crazy Razor, eh?

Here is where I often site my "parade analogy" when engrossed in one of these NHL point system debates: Not everyone can be in the parade, some have to sit on the curb and clap and stare at the floats and clowns as they go by.

I just read back what I've written so far. I sound like I've had six Caesars.

Anyway, I guess what I'd prefer to see - no matter the equation used to arrive at it - is a system that ensures that the team that finishes the game with more goals than the team they just 'defeated' does in fact gain 2 points on that team. I don't care, make it 4-2, 8-6, 34-28 if you want. (Oops, more clamato and vodka talk)

What I want, as did Tom Cruise in 'A Few Good Men' , is the truth. I can handle it, and it just might set us all free.

So here is the Razor-truth in the Western Conference standings, today, March 1st 2012:

I have taken the standings, omitted all Shootout wins and losses, and boiled it down to wins in regulation and overtime. I've listed the standings by 'games over .500' in order to give a true representation seeing as some teams have been to Shootouts way more than others. Here are my findings:

1 Stl +18 (current artificially enhanced number in NHL standings is +23)

2 Van +16 (cae number +24)

3 Det +15 (cae number +23)

4 Nsh +11 (cae number +17)

5 Phx +4 (cae number +12)

6 Dal +2 (Chi would win tie-break, have one more win) (cae number +7)

Chi +2 (cae number +10)

8 SJ +1 (cae number +11)

9 LA -3 (cae number +6)

So you'll notice that the Stars have the most honest record in the top 9.

Biggest charlatan? The Sharks.

Bottom line, not much changes other than I guess it bares that there are four really good teams in the West, and five, six, maybe seven other clubs that teeter back and forth on the fulcrum of mediocrity.

At least I think that's what all the math I did says.

And so with that I'll leave you with this; stats and standings get thrown out once the puck drops come playoff time. You just have to get in.

Speaking of time, maybe it's time to celery salt another rim.


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