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Either Or

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

Either the hue of yellow in the Predators new jersey is an ode to Michigan's 'maize', or merely an improvement on the old 'jaundice' jerseys.

The current Canadiens GM stated that the Habs coach next season 'will speak French'. Either Randy Cunneyworth is the lamest of lame duck coaches or he's enrolled in French immersion classes.

Either the max fine for publicly questioning officiating and (tongue in cheek, maybe) suggesting they were influenced by national TV is $30,000 or John Tortorella got off easy.

Either the shot counters at AAC are inexplicably stingy or Stars netminders are incredibly more efficient on the road. (Both have 3-4% higher save percentage on road)

When it comes to organ music at games (which I love), either refrain from playing covers of current hits or don't play it at all.

As a deterrent to opposing teams taking physical liberties on your best players either have a wicked powerplay or a couple guys who can settle some scores with fist-sized pie hole fillers.

Either pull your pistols or whistle Dixie.

Either fish or cut bait.

Either go big or go home.

If you want to win a Cup either have a couple game controlling defensemen or three absolute elite centers.

If you want to see sheer fear in the eyes of a goalie tell him he has to choose; either wear a cup or wear a mask.

Either go with "tickle the berries" or "mind the stepchildren"

Hey NHL, when it comes to injuries either say the guy might return or he's out for the remainder of the game, that is all. At the same time take your "upper body" and your "lower body" and either cram it or stuff it.

Could the NHLPA's decision to not sign off on the league's realignment plan be either a power play to get the NHL to bring finality to the Phoenix situation or a push to include more teams in the playoff pool?

Either sh#% or get off the pot.

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