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Behind The Scenes: Game 15 - Pittsburgh

by Staff Writer / Dallas Stars

The division leading Stars head out on a four-game road swing against Carolina, Washington, Pittsburgh & Detroit on fire. They have earned 22 of 28 possible points so far this season and are looking to continue their rise in the standings. Get a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes as the team travels to the East Coast.

Photos by Trey Hill

DAY SIX (11/11/11) - GAME 15: PITTSBURGH
(newest photos at top)

11:31 pm - Even before the plane was off the ground, Cody Eastwood got to work downloading video and editing the "Game in 6 Minutes" segment for

10:53 pm - The team boards the charter for Detroit; the mood was understandably quiet.

9:55 pm - In speaking to the media after the game, Coach Gulutzan said, "We were outplayed tonight from the start of the game. We were stale in the first ten minutes. We weren't skating, we weren't moving our feet... I think that was the key, we just didn't come out and establish our game."

9:53 pm - Jamie Benn and Toby Petersen spend some time on the bike after the game.

9:51 pm - Kari Lehtonen takes off the pads after a tough loss to the Penguins. Kari is expected to have the night off against Detroit on Saturday.

9:50 pm - Alex Goligoski fields questions about his first period injury and whether or not Chris Kunitz owed him dinner, since it was Kunitz shot that ultimately ended his night.

9:48 pm - In the battle of the NHL's two best teams, Brenden Morrow said, "18 was motivated for their team and 33 wanted to have a big one for us. Unfortunately, his night got cut short."

9:39 pm - Loui Eriksson steps off the ice as the Stars fall to the Penguins, 3-1.


9:36 pm - With the Stars still down by a pair of goals, Kari Lehtonen watches the final minute of play from the bench.

9:34 pm - Coach Willie Desjardins draws up a play on his dry-erase board.


9:32 pm - Brenden Morrow waits for the red light in the penalty box to go out, signifying the end of the final TV timeout.


9:29 pm - A young Pittsburgh fan sneaks a peek around the glass at the Dallas Stars bench.

9:22 pm - Raycroft offers some encouragement to Kari Lehtonen, before he goes back in net.

9:21 pm - Kari Lehtonen comes over to the bench during a TV timeout to have Steve Sumner take a look at his stick.



9:19 pm - Andrew Raycroft takes a peek at the scoreboard to watch the replay.

9:18 pm - And, just like that, the Penguins took a commanding 3-1 lead.

9:18 pm - Things went from bad to worse when Matt Cooke was given a penalty shot when Trevor Daley was called for tripping with Cooke on a breakaway.

9:14 pm - And for the second time, the Penguins didn't let a disallowed goal interrupt their momentum, scoring just 23 seconds later to take a 2-1 lead.

9:12 pm - A second Penguins goal was disallowed at 6:56 in the third period.

9:10 pm - Coach Jerrard talks with Vernon Fiddler at a whistle, early in the third period.

9:09 pm - The intensity on the bench revved up as the Stars tried to find some offense.

9:08 pm - Vernon Fiddler points to something on the ice during a conversation with the linesman.

9:00 pm - Mark Fistric relaces his skate in the third period.

8:59 pm - Steve Sumner sharpens Kari Lehtonen's skate before the period begins.

8:58 pm - Loui Eriksson takes the ice at the start of the third period.

8:57 pm - Mike Ribeiro makes his way to the bench.

8:56 pm - Krystofer Barch and Kari Lehtonen stand in the hallway at the end of the intermission.

8:55 pm - The empty Dallas Stars bench, prior to the start of the third period.

8:45 pm - Eric Nystrom, who is on a career-high 4 game goal streak and has 5 in his last 6 games, matching his total goal output from last season, does the second intermission interview with Razor.

8:43 pm - Mere moments after the no-goal call, the Penguins scored. After the period, with the game tied at one, Sheldon Souray and Tom Wandell talk things over with Kari Lehtonen.

8:37 pm - The ruling came back from Toronto, the puck had been played with a high-stick. No goal.

8:36 pm - Kari Lehtonen looks up at the replay of a goal against that was under review.

8:19 pm - Brandon Worley, editor of the Defending Big D blog, watches anxiously as the Stars continue to spend too much time in their own zone.

8:13 pm - After being outshot 5-13 in the first period, Coach Gulutzan trys to find some offense.


8:05 pm - Dennis Soetaert retapes one of Adam Burish's sticks during the second period.


7:59 pm - Sheldon Souray stretches in the hallway outside of the locker room prior to the start of the second period.

7:44 pm - The Stars head to the dressing room, up by a goal at the first intermission.

7:36 pm - Despite being outskated for much of the first period, Eric Nystrom finds a way to chip a puck past Marc-Andre Fleury to give the Stars a first period lead.


7:19 pm - Healthy scratches Adam Pardy and Jake Dowell, walk to the elevator up to the press box.

7:17 pm - Alex Goligoski steps off the ice after his second shift to have Craig Lowry look at an injury that would cause him to leave the game.

7:15 pm - Sheldon Souray encouraged his teammates with a simple edict, "Keep it simple, boys."

7:13 pm - Coach Willie Desjardins watches from the bench early in a first period that saw much of the play in the Dallas Stars zone.

7:07 pm - Sgt. Bob Timney sings the national anthem in front of a packed crowd at the Consol Energy Center.

7:03 pm - The officiating crew takes the ice.

6:58 pm - The Marine color guard enters the arena. Throughout Friday night's game, the Penguins honored veterans with tributes and special ceremonies.

6:56 pm - Cody Eastwood (left) shoots images for the broadcast open.

6:45 pm - Loui Eriksson comes off the ice at the end of warm-ups.





6:30 pm - Loui Eriksson has an equipment issue addressed during warm-ups.

6:28 pm - A US Marine color guard rehearses their maneuvers prior in the minutes leading up to the anthem.

6:11 pm - Kari Lehtonen and Alex Goligoski stretch prior to going out for warm-ups.

6:06 pm - Sheldon Souray sits quietly in his locker stall as part of his pre-game ritual.

6:05 pm - The team iPod sits in it's dock. They guys in the room have incredibly eclectic taste.

6:04 pm - Alex Goligoski sits in his locker prior to the game.



5:58 pm - Toby Petersen, a self described donkey ball groupie, comes out to watch his favorite sport.


5:54 pm - Jamie Benn gets a little air on a header in the nightly donkeyball game.

5:41 pm - Several current US Army soldiers pose for a photo with WWII Vet Alex Antanovich before the Veteran's Day game. Antanovich was shot down over Germany and was missing in action for more than ten months. In that time, he evaded capture by falling in with Dutch resistance fighters before being liberated.

5:35 pm - The main concourse is mostly empty in the moments before opening the doors at the Consol Energy Center.

5:24 pm - The in-arena crew runs through lighting tests prior to the doors opening at Consol Energy Center.

5:21 pm - Andrew Raycroft's goalie stick sits alone on the far wall outside the locker room during a team meeting.

5:17 pm - Michael Ryder, who likes a little thinner grip at the top, works to insert a graphite extension into his stick. This is his first season to try the graphite extensions, which he says are still a little too thick.

5:16 pm - Jake Dowell, who would be a healthy scratch for Dallas, looks out at the empty arena.

5:12 pm - The Penguins former home, Mellon Arena, as seen from the main entrance to the Consol Energy Center.

5:10 pm - The door of the merchandising warehouse, like every other surface in Pittsburgh, was decorated with the colors of the warehouse managers favorite teams.

5:06 pm - Daryl "Razor" Reaugh finds a quiet spot beneath the arena as he does a segment for Hockey Night in Canada Radio.

5:03 pm - Kari Lehtonen, who arrived at the arena early, warms up his reflexes by hitting a ball against the wall with a tennis racquet and then catching it with his glove hand.

4:03 pm - A cold wind blew across the Alagheny River as the clouds tried, unsuccessfully, to break.

12:48 pm - A few flurries fall as Eric Nystrom jumps off the bus.

12:41 pm - As the team headed back to the hotel, the snow clouds began to roll in.

12:33 pm - Alex Goligoski leads the way as he, Stephane Robidas and Mike Ribeiro head to the team bus.

12:27 pm - Coach Gulutzan addresses the media after the morning skate. As expected, the majority of the questions centered around Alex Goligoski's contribution to the team since coming to Dallas.

12:26 pm - The last of the team has headed to the dressing room, marking the end of practice.


12:24 pm - Andrew Raycroft gives Equipment Assistant Donny White a hard time as he comes into the room from practice.

12:19 pm - Sticks - both new and well used - sit on the rack in the equipment room.

12:17 pm - Alex Goligoski is the man of the hour in the Stars dressing room.


12:04 pm - Brenden Morrow addresses the media... in just one skate.

12:00 pm - Coach Glen Gulutzan makes his way off the ice as the morning skate comes to an end.

11:48 am - The Dallas Stars work on the power play during the morning skate.

11:41 am - Alex Goligoski, who came to the Dallas Stars in a trade with Pittsburgh last season, has been helpful to Coach Gulutzan as the team prepares for a match up of the top two teams in the NHL.

11:39 am - Kari Lehtonen watches a puck into his pads during the morning skate.

11:32 am - Ralph Strangis asks the question that prompts Coach Bylsma to praise Niskanen's play in Pittsburgh.

11:11 am - Alex Goligoski takes a few minutes to talk with his former teammates.

11:00 am - Vernon Fiddler and Tom Wandell attempt to get warm outisde the locker rooom. It took Wandell longer than normal because of how cold the building was.

10:53 am - Adam Burish laces up his skates.

10:46 am - Former Dallas Star, Matt Niskanen, takes a knee during morning skate. In his press conference after practice, Coach Dan Bylsma said the change of scenery has been good for Niskanen and praised his play for the Penguins.

10:42 am - Penguins owner, Mario Lemieux, comes down to speak with and sign autographs for United States service men and women.

10:38 am - Coach Dan Bylsma lays out to block a shot during the Penguins morning skate.


10:28 am - The team arrives at Consol Energy Center for their morning skate.

10:14 am - A Veteran's Day parade closed much of downtown Pittsburgh, forcing the team to take the scenic route to Consol Energy Center.

9:59 am - Sheldon Souray exits the hotel to head to the rink.

9:45 am - Trevor Daley and Jamie Benn have a coffee in the hotel lobby before getting on the bus.







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