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Thornton Answers Your Questions

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks

Joe Thornton’s life changed dramatically this summer. And it wasn’t from signing a $21 million contract or being named the eighth Sharks captain in history. Big Joe’s big change came in the form of a little baby girl.

In this segment of Ask the Sharks, we asked Thornton about what it’s like to be a new dad and what kind of advice he gets from his teammates and coaches. We also found out that there’s only one thing that Thornton is going to change now that he’s captain and that there’s three things that really make him mad. And, the million dollar question… we found out why Thornton always does his interviews shirtless.

These answers and more are below in Thornton’s segment of Ask the Sharks. Enjoy.

1.What’s the best part about being a new dad? – Rebecca

Other than everything? I like when she smiles. It’s pretty cool. Now she’s getting into the smiling stage.

2.What kind of helpful advice are you getting from your teammates and coaches on being a dad? – Peter?
Get your sleep while you can. So take naps when she takes naps. Bu t really, just enjoy every minute of it.

3.What was your favorite experience from the European trip outside of hockey? – Jacob
Just the city of Stockholm was really, really nice. Walking around the city was pretty cool. I think the fans in Germany were really fun, too. They were cheering for both teams which was interesting.

4.Is there anything specific, as captain, that you want to do differently or specifically this year? – Julie
Win the Stanley Cup. That’s the only thing I’m going to change this year.

5.What’s the hardest part of being team captain? – Stephen
I don’t think there’s anything. More interviews, that’s about it.

6.Why do you always give your interviews shirtless? – Juan
I think because I sweat so much, I just can’t wait to take off my shirt. So I think it’s because I perspire so much.

7.What’s your favorite moment of being a Shark? – Ian
I think beating Detroit last year. Going to the Conference Final was pretty cool. So probably that series.

8.What gets you mad? – Myloe
I hate when people litter. I hate slow drivers and slow golfers.

9.Who was a better player when you were growing up, you or your brother John? – Cole
Me. I’ve always been better.

10.Do you have any pre-game rituals or something that you always do on game days? – Mak
I always take a shower before I play just to kind of wake up. Then I stretch. Just your normal routine.

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