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Sharks Territory Just Got Tougher

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks
At 10 a.m., Sharks President and CEO Greg Jamison -- alongside Executive Vice President of Business Operations Malcolm Bordelon, logo designer Terry Smith and Sharks defenseman Kyle McLaren -- unveiled a much tougher and sharper new Sharks logo at a press conference in The Grill at HP Pavilion.

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“I think the response that we’ve gotten from the press and the fans has been very positive,” said Bordelon. “The old logo had a little more bulk in his nose, no definition in his eye and the fins were a little rounded. Now we have clear definition to the shark. He’s much sharper, and as a result, looks a little bit tougher and meaner.”

Forwards Jonathan Cheechoo and Patrick Rissmiller were also on hand to express their opinions about the new logo.

“The shark looks a little bit meaner and you can never go wrong with something like that,” said Cheechoo. “It’s great for the fans because it adds something new and it doesn’t change too much from the old. I think it gives it a little more color and makes it a little more menacing.”

Upon first glance, the obvious difference is the color. A much more prominent shade of Pacific Teal covers the top of the shark’s nose, giving the logo more of a three-dimensional look. The shark’s eye glows orange and the triangle no longer has the gray ribbing, but now sports black orange and pacific teal.

“Now we’ve got a little more orange,” said Bordelon. “We can pop the shark’s eye out a little bit and bring teal into the body which helps add that 3-D effect. We’re pleased with the final results.”

During the press conference, Jamison explained his reasoning behind the timing of the logo change.

“We loved our previous logo and it served us very well for many many years,” said Jamison. “But we wanted to update it and move it into the 21st century without sacrificing where we were originally. I think that with the fact that we knew we were going to put a new uniform together, we decided that with the uniform change this would be a good time to look at the updated logo.”

Sharks players also had a hand in creating the new logo. McLaren, Captain Patrick Marleau and forward Mike Grier all provided input during the process.

“Involving our players in this was very strategic,” added Jamison. “They were very supportive, very encouraging and they had great input.”

After the press conference, McLaren joined Sharks fans in the Sharks Store at HP Pavilion to take pictures and preview the new merchandise. He spoke candidly about his feelings for the new look.

“To have involvement in something like this that’s going to be seen nationwide and worldwide is pretty exciting,” said McLaren. “It looks more like a shark this time around. The old shark was great, but this adds even more. The overall concept of the whole thing we absolutely love.”

Besides the new logo, fans will also see the premiere of the new league-wide Rbk Edge uniforms, the larger scoreboard and the new sound system at HP Pavilion. But amid all these changes, Jamison is adamant that one thing remains the same.

“We’ve got the updated logo, the new uniforms, and then the new scoreboard and the new sound system,” he said. “Now the one thing we really want to do is have consistency on the ice. But adding those four things will be very exciting for the fans.”
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