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Live Chat with Bill Guerin Recap

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks
Sharks Chat with Bill Guerin -- 3/20/2007

Ask Sharks right wing Bill Guerin your best questions in the upcoming live chat. The chat will be held on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at 3:30 PM (Pacific).

Lacey (San Jose): Hi Guerin it's great having you on the team! I wss wondering which of the guys you get along with the best on the sharks team.
Bill Guerin: I knew Joe, Kyle, Mike Grier and I knew Patrick and Jonathan from the All-Star game. I know the first three really well.
Shaun (Foster City): How do you like the Bay Area, its hockey fans, and playing with the Sharks so far?
Bill Guerin: I love it. It's just a beautiful part of the country. I really enjoy it. The fans are great. Playing in a full, loud house every night is not just an advantage, but fun. It makes it more entertaining for the players. Everything hockey wise is absolutely fantastic.
Stew Schott (Los Banos, CA): Since coming to the Sharks, which of the younger players have really stood out to you?
Bill Guerin: They are all young to me. Marc-Edouard Vlasic has really stood out. Playing the minutes as a 19 year old right out of junior is pretty impressive.
Ricky Murphy (Ontario, Belle Ewart): I know that you have been strugglingyour first 6 games with the sharks, but now your starting to get your goals the sharks need, what has made you startto score those goals?
Bill Guerin: I don't know. I'm usually a streaky scorer, so that is the way it goes for me. I can't explain why.
Alex (San Jose, CA): How do you feel you have taken to your new teammates? Have you already made connections with some of them?
Bill Guerin: These gusy have been very friendly. It's not hard to get to know them. They take you right in and it's a lot of fun getting to know them.
shannon (san jose): hi bill, what is it like to play with patrick and mark on your line. best of luck always!
Bill Guerin: It's great. With Patty's speed and Mark's size and skating, we have good chemistry and the makings of a good line.
Stacy (Salinas, CA): I know you had a no-trade clause on your contract in St. Louis. What made you waive that to come to San Jose?
Bill Guerin: I just think the opportunity to win a Stanley Cup.
Rich (Los Gatos): Welcome to San Jose from another Massachusetts transplant... With your prior experience playing against the Sharks, what surprises you, now that you see things from inside the organization?
Bill Guerin: No real surprises. It is pretty much what I thought it would be. It's been really good. They treat us well.
nicholas (): who is your,e favorite player
Bill Guerin: My favorites groiwng up were Terry O'Reilly and Cam Neely.
Rebekah (SJ): You are playing great! Do you have a nickname yet?
Bill Guerin: No nicknames.
Ginger (South Carolina): Bill! So pleased you are with the Sharks now! Huge fan since WC 96. What is like to have Ron Wilson as your coach again? All the best for your career, let's hope you can catch lighting in a bottle and bring home the hardware to SJ!
Bill Guerin: Ronnie is good. He loves the skill part of the game and that is what he stresses right now because we do have such a high skill level. He's been fun to play for.
Emma (San Jose): What was your dream job when you were little?
Bill Guerin: I'm doing it.
Charlie (Medford, Oregon): How would you compare Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau with the caliber of other centers you've played with over the years? Great to see you in teal! Best of luck.
Bill Guerin: They're right up there with the best. I've played with Allison and Weight and been fortunate enough to play with Modana, but Patty and Joe are right with them.
Jonathan Oda (Vallejo CA): Hey Bill Guerin, congrats on your first hat trick with the Sharks!! I was just wondering what you think of the Sharks jerseys opposed to other teams you have played on. Play well and bring home the cup to San Jose!!!
Bill Guerin: I like all the logos throughout the league. The majority of them are really good. A couple are iffy, but the Sharks are one of the better ones. I really like it and my kids love it.
Dan (Phillipsburg, NJ): Why do player blowtorch the their sticks?
Bill Guerin: They're either making the curve bigger or smaller. You have to heat up the blade to soften it so you can bend it.
Jena (San Jose): Hi! First of all, Congrats on your hat trick! !! I was wondering what your pre-game ritual is. Also, so far, what do you like about San Jose? Thanks!
Bill Guerin: Not really. I do have a routine, but no real rituals that I have to get done or else I won't be able to play.
Jav-y (san jose): Hey Bill I just wanted to know: how did the ref react to your hug after your first sharx goal in the Blackhawks game? I thought it was hilarious.
Bill Guerin: I think he reacted well and enjoyed it. I think it was a long time since he was in a celebration.
Taylor V. (San Jose,Ca): wats up Bill, did u ever have a teammate that u could'nt stand?
Bill Guerin: I really haven't. There are guys you don't agree with or who you aren't best friends with, but there hasn't been anybody I couldn't stand. Maybe a few I forgot about.
jen (california): who is the funniest on the team so far? Who is your roomate on the road?
Bill Guerin: I do not have a roommate on the road. The funniest guy on the team is Mark Smith and maybe Rob Davison.
Dennis W. (Livermore, CA): First of all welcome to San Jose. It's great to have you playing with us, rather than playing against you. What do you think you can bring to the team for the Stanley Cup Quest?
Bill Guerin: I think we have as good a chance as anybody. It is just a matter of putting it all together at the right time.
lyndsay (Pleasanton, CA): What did it feel like to get your first goal and a hat trrick in the same game?
Bill Guerin: It feels great and feels like your first goal of the season all over again. It feels like you're helping out and like you're part of the group.
icepredator (california): hey bill, who got you your first pair of skates?keep up the good work
Bill Guerin: I think my mom actually took me.
Ashwin (Milpitas,Ca): Having won a Stanley Cup in New Jersey in 1995, how does this current sharks team compare to that team, and from what you've seen so far do the sharks have what it takes to win the cup this year? Thanks.
Bill Guerin: It's different. We had a more blue collar team back then. Not as talented as we do here and New Jersey was a lot older.
Pete (North Bay): Are you getting sick and tired of living with Rivet in the hotel???
Bill Guerin: It's not so bad. We have own rooms and get our quiet time.

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