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Jamie's Thought of the Day - 5/25/2013

by Jamie Baker / San Jose Sharks

Watching the NHL Playoffs is awesome but I can't stop thinking that the West, overall, has better playoff style teams. I look at the Sharks and Kings series and I wonder how many teams in the East could beat these teams in a 7 game series. The same goes for the Blues vs Kings 1st round matchup. It's probably safe to say some people in Vancouver are also saying the same thing right now.

In a way, the NHL Playoffs are kind of unfair. The West has more travel and better competition. The best team could be in the East, and Pittsburgh sure looks good, but what if they had to match up against a bunch of West during their run?

It will never happen for a lot of reasons, let's just leave it at that. But wouldn't an East vs West 1st round crossover, in a playoff bracket system, be really interesting to play out?

Just think of some of the potential Stanley Cup matchups that could happen that otherwise cannot:
Toronto vs Montreal
San Jose vs Los Angeles
Pittsburgh vs Boston
Chicago vs St. Louis

Another interesting question is how many West teams would still be playing in the 2nd round? Or the Semi-Finals? My guess is 6 teams in the 2nd round and 3 in the semi's.
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