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Hammer Time - 10/31/2012

by Freddie Hamilton / San Jose Sharks

We're coming off a successful weekend. Getting the first two wins was huge for us after a slow start. We played two really good games against a Bridgeport team that had played well before playing us. In two games, we outscored them 10-3. It was nice to finish off the weekend with a win after not playing well in Manchester on Saturday night. I think we are gaining chemistry and confidence and feel good heading into the weekend. This was our first 3-in-3 of the season - the first of many for us this year. When I played in juniors, we often played 3-in-3s, so I'm somewhat used to that type of a schedule.

Hurricane Sandy hit Massachusetts on Monday night. Luckily it did not hit Worcester as hard as it did other areas. Our house lost power last night for a few hours but there wasn't any real damage in the area.

We had our team Halloween party Sunday night. All of the players and a few staff dressed up in costumes, which was a lot of fun. I was Robin from Batman. My roommates costumes were funny. Curt Gogol was Ace Ventura or the Tooth Fairy, I'm not sure. Nick Petrecki was the Grinch. But I think the best costume of the night had to go to Matt Pelech. He wore a Scooby Doo costume which looked hilarious. I always enjoyed Halloween growing up - dressing up, carving pumpkins and going trick or treating with my brother and parents - and this Halloween was a lot of fun too.

Finally, as you can probably tell already, I've selected a winner for the name of my blog. The winning name comes from Carson Laschowski. Carson suggested Hamiltime, which was pretty creative. I changed it a bit to Hammer Time, mainly because everybody has always called me "Hammer" growing up. I also happen to be a big fan of the song!

Also, thanks to all of those who submitted suggestions. There were some good ones to choose from. I like getting the input, so if any of you have any questions you'd like me to answer, fill out the form below. I'll try and get to what I can.

Be sure to follow the Worcester Sharks all season long. Look forward to my next entry ont he Daily Chomp.

Go Sharks!

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