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Hammer Time - 10/17/2012

by Freddie Hamilton / San Jose Sharks

I was really excited to play my first regular season game for the Sharks. Although we didn't pull out a win, it was fun to finally play a game that meant something for the team and against a team's real lineup. We came pretty close on Saturday night, but fell in a heartbreaking shootout loss.

Just before our first game, the coaches decided on the captains with the help of a team vote. We were told of the decisions in Norfolk at a pregame skate. Congratulations to John McCarthy and the guys. From the short time I've been here J Mac and the other captains seem like great leaders.

I thought Norfolk was nice. It was right on the water, which had some big naval ships that were docked. Driving over Chesapeake Bay was cool on the way in too. It was a long 10 hour bus ride but we had a good time.

With training camp over, I am out of the hotel now and living in a house with Curt Gogol and Nick Petrecki in Worcester. I don't like them very much but I've managed so far. HAHA! But, we found a nice spot in a good neighborhood.

Next weekend is big for our team. Were looking to get our first wins and start to get rolling. The first game is against a divisional team and the second is our home opener so everyone is excited. It will be our first game in the DCU; so, it'll be a lot of fun. For all you Worcester fans reading, we have an exciting team this year so come on out!

Lastly, I need a little help coming up with a name for my blog. So I've decided to open it up to suggestions. If you can think of something good, I'll run with it and give you a shout out in my next blog. Just fill out the form below. I look forward to checking back in after a couple of weeks, here on the Daily Chomp. 

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