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Great Day for a Game

by Jamie McGinn / San Jose Sharks
Sunday we didn’t skate so John McCarthy and I went to the Raiders game. I’ve been blogging about them a lot lately, but they are on a three game winning streak and that is how I spent my Sunday.

Logan and Frazer ditched us a half hour before we left and I wasn’t happy with that. They’re not getting any invitations the rest of the year, that’s for sure. That’s a pet peeve right there when you commit to something and then you don’t do it. There was a little rain predicted, but when we got there it was beautiful. A great day for football.

We had good seats in the lower bowl and could see everything. We weren’t in the Black Hole, but I just watched the section. I love the Black Hole. Maybe after my career I could join them. The whole crowd really got into it as the game went on.

What I should do is go to more Raiders games because they are 3-1 when I go. I enjoy driving up there whenever I get the chance. You can’t miss that opportunity when it’s so close.

On the hockey side, we just need to bring our game like Saturday night. That was a fun one although they all are when you win.

That’s all I’ve got right now.

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