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Friday's Baker's Dozen - 2/17/2012

by Jamie Baker / San Jose Sharks

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. Joe Thornton, with his three assists against Washington, has now had three or more assists in a game 49 times in his career. That’s second among active players, with only Jaromir Jagr with 56, having done it more.

  2. Speaking of Joe, how about The Big Pavelski. In the 7 games prior to the Tampa game, Pavs has 5 goals, 5 assists, is +2 and has 26 shots. How important is Pavelski – check out these impressive stats:

    61.9 Faceoff % - 1st NHL
    22 Goals – T 21st NHL
    Plus 15 – T 21st NHL Forwards
    52 Takeaways – T 9th NHL
    55 Blocked Shots – T 9th NHL Forwards
    Road stats: 26 games, 11 goals, 13 assists, 24 points, +14

  3. The Sharks victory on Oct. 28 was important at the time, but looking back it’s downright impressive. That night the Sharks beat Detroit -- in Detroit no less -- by the score of 4-2. It was only one of two regulation losses the Wings have had all season at The Joe. The other was on Nov. 3 to Calgary. Since then they have set a new NHL record by winning 21 straight home games.

  4. Here is how the Sharks have fared this year when:

    Giving up 2 or less Goals. 29 times, 24-4-1, .845 points percentage
    Giving up 3 or more Goals, 25 times, 6-13-6, .360 points percentage

  5. Todd McLellan’s assessment of his teams power play after the 3-0 shutout loss in St. Louis:
    "We didn’t win enough battles in the corners, we weren’t stick strong, we didn’t get our eyes off the boards and never had a chance to establish any momentum in their end to wear them out. It was a frustrating night that way.”

  6. In Section 3 of the NHL Official Rule Book there is Rule 11.1-8 that pertains to the Goalkeeper’s Equipment. The bottom line is the goalies' equipment in today’s game is just too big. Because teams can’t score from the perimeter without a screen, tip or rebound, defenses have all ‘collapsed’ closer to net. Either decrease the goalies' equipment, especially the length of the pads, or make the nets bigger.
    #DefensesWillThenExpandWhichOpensUpMoreChancesInTheSlot #BringBackTheGuyLafleurShotFromThePerimeter

  7. For BakesTakes13, this week I will analyze a shift from the Sharks vs. Red Wings game back in November (ya, teeing up the big game on Sunday – can’t blame me, right!). When I watch games, instead of trying to figure out all kinds of different systems, I focus on three concepts:

    I. Time & Space: Understanding how to create it offensively and take it away defensively (and more importantly, where to take it away defensively),
    II. Outnumber in Layers: If the other team has two players, your team has three. It’s seems simple but again, it’s where you outnumber, and how you outnumber, and it takes a lot of work to do it,
    III. Control the Lanes: From body position, to taking away a shooting lane, a passing lane to creating lanes to the net offensively.

  8. The Sharks, after going 0-3, finally beat Anaheim on Jan. 4 by a score of 3-1. At the time the Ducks were 14th in the Conference. At the time it seemed like the season was lost for the Ducks, but since then they have gone 14-2-3 and are now just six points out of the playoffs.

  9. Twitter 'Quote of the Week' courtesy of @MoveMeQuotes: “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes the people to make the dream a reality.” -Walt Disney

  10. When was the last time the Yankees were getting less press than the other major teams in the Big Apple? The Giants won the Super Bowl, Jeremy Lin has Knicks fans going wild and the Rangers are the top team in the Eastern Conference, by a pretty big seven-point margin. The Rangers started the year 3-3-3 and since playing the Sharks on Halloween are 33-11-2 and are tops in the NHL with a .718 points percentage.

  11. Three points are awarded for any game that goes to overtime or the shootout (two for the winner, one for the loser). I think I’m leaning toward wanting a regulation win to be worth three points.

  12. The Sharks are 16-1-0 against Washington since the start of the 1999-2000 season. This .941 points percentage against the Caps is the highest by one NHL team against another over the last 12 years.

  13. Next week the Sharks are in Toronto, which brings me back to my favorite pre-game mishap courtesy of the great Rob Zettler. At the old Maple Leaf Gardens the visiting team entered the ice at the end of the rink, where the Zamboni went on and off the ice. The one peculiarity in relation to every other rink is the door at the end boards opened outwardly onto the ice (right behind the net). So when visiting players came onto the ice we had to skate to our left and cut in front of the net.

    Zetts, like a lot of guys, likes to do a quick lap or two as soon as he gets on the ice. This is a teachable moment for all you amateur players out there, to always keep your head up. Zetts stepped on the ice, picked up speed for his lap, but as he was heading back towards the net his head was down. You can probably guess what happened next. He slammed into the open door behind the net and went down hard. You want to see someone get up fast, Zetts set a new record for recovering from a fall. Good news he was not hurt. Better news is it’s still a classic moment from pre-game warmups.
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