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Drew's Thought of the Day - 3/10/2013

by Drew Remenda / San Jose Sharks

Hockey is a weird game.

I can't ice the puck unless my team is serving a penalty for breaking the rules.

I have to stay in the penalty box for 2 minutes for a rule infraction unless the other team scores. Then I'm let out for good behavior, or the officials feel sorry for me.

I can't shoot the puck over the glass if I'm in the defensive zone but I can shoot it over the glass if I'm in the neutral zone or offensive zone.

I can glove the puck forward to a teammate in the defensive zone (but not back off a face-off)

but I can't in any of the other zones.

However I can kick a puck to anyone anywhere on the ice but I can't kick it into the net. Well I can as long as I don't really kick the puck, I can angle it, direct it even nudge it..that's OK.

Like I said weird.

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