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Chat Room Buzz

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks

A few weeks ago Drew answered some questions about comments made in the Sharks chat room. I am not here to discuss comments about the chat room, but to talk about the chat room as a whole.

There is must-see TV, must-hear Radio and now we have Must-Read Chat. If you haven’t been there, I strongly urge you to check it out.

It has all the elements of a great TV show, and everyone gets a chance to be in the show. Tension – check; Humor – check; Unpredictability – check; Different Characters – check; Plots – check; Passion – check, check, check.

Welcome to 2006, and showing at your local internet site, must-read chat!

Most shows, and movies, have a few main characters and lots of extras. Reality chat is no different. There is usually a battle with the ‘regulars’ and the ‘newbies’ and of course no one likes the ‘trolls’ (usually fans from other teams trolling through the Sharks chat room on game days).

Some characters identify themselves (sex, age, where they live) and others don’t. I am sure some characters might have two and possibly more handles. Hey, Eddie Murphy did it in ‘The Nutty Professor” and “Coming to America” (I wish my barber was that funny). Some chat room characters take it seriously, and take their hockey seriously, while many others just throw out their opinion of the day.

Like any kind of show, there have to be guidelines. In this case, that is the job of ‘Webby” who is the Webmaster. His job is to make sure the show stays near the PG-13 criteria and doesn’t turn into an R rated show.

Do I go check out the Sharks chat room? You betcha ya! I don’t typically spend time in chat rooms, but do occasionally check out the Sharks chat room because it is entertaining and when it comes to hockey (my passion) and the Sharks (my favorite team and employer) why wouldn’t I?

If there are people who are passionate about hockey and love the Sharks, I want to occasionally see what they have to say. First of all, many of the regulars are students of the game and I am always trying to learn more. Maybe a stat, maybe a different angle on something, who knows, but when I do learn something new I appreciate it. I don’t have the time, or quite honestly the inclination to go to the chat room everyday because there are always a few who wreck it for the others. But this is not about them; this is about the ones who ‘get it’.

In the end, it’s entertaining and a subject that is of interest to me. I am just a guest so I don’t have a handle but maybe someday. (If I do join I won’t hide behind some façade name). What concerns me about joining is that I don’t have enough time and if I went in I would start chasing trolls around. Wait a minute, that didn’t sound right, did it?

For potential newbies, before signing up for the show, you might want to dip your toes in the water. Don’t want to embarrass yourself on a Reality-Chat show do you?

So, without further ado, turn out the lights, grab some corn (short for popcorn), your favorite beverage and enjoy the show. Below are some of the main characters in “Reality-Chat, Sharkie Style”.

(note, all characters must have a minimum of 1,000 posts – except Swede ‘the Villain’ Dylan – and if I missed someone, blame it on Ginger)

• Keonjen14 – code name is Ginger. A Red haired hottie from Washington and is the movie star of the group. Ginger is a true student of the game, is fun to read and has real passion for the game of hockey. As with most movie stars, can be found all over the place (ie. Many forums). Has a major crush on the professor (RW). I just wish she would change the picture.

• Swede Dylan – The villain from Sweden, aka “Swede ‘the Villain’ Dylan.” Challenges everyone because apparently he is a good hockey player (just ask him, he’ll tell you) and has skated with a lot of Swedes playing in the NHL. Personally, I would like to skate with him one day. Might not win style points but does know his hockey.

• Jerry Hat Trick – I don’t know Jerry Hat Trick, but he is the type of guy you want on your team. Subdued, analytical yet not scared to go in the corners. As the handle implies, has great hands. Great hands! Can you imagine Joe Thornton as his center? Assuming he missed seven games in a season due to injury (upper body soreness), he would score an astonishing 225 goals (that’s three goals per game in 75 games). Of course, people would be screaming in the streets because six of those were empty nets and his stick was corked.

• PeterboroughPete. Come on, wouldn’t any guy like to be in Vegas and a good looking woman approach him and introduce herself by saying, “Hi, I’m Mandy”, “Nice to meet you Mandy, I’m Peterborough Pete”. If Peterborough Pete could act, he would have been the star of Bonanza and made people say “John Wayne Who”. Oh by the way, in the hockey world Peterborough is known for the Peterborough Mafia. The late Roger Nielson, a.k.a. Captain Video, was from Peterborough and the amount of talent that has played for the Peterborough Petes is staggering (thus the name, Peterborough Mafia). I would also like to mention a lot of players have summer homes on the lakes surrounding Peterborough. (a li’l Cliffy Clavenism for ya.)

• 205 – Trying to be the James Bond of chat rooms but can’t find the right 205 girl.

• The Gaff – Tells it like it is, and likes old style physical hockey. I bet he drinks Guinness and never belches.

• Just The Facts – a.k.a. JTF – without stating the obvious, think about this handle for a minute. Is the professor of the board room, but not the professor who Ginger has the hots for. Apparently is trying to woo ‘Some Chick’.

• Seattle Sam – What else are you going to do if it constantly rains outside.

• Twisted 1414 – ‘Be Nice or Leave’ pretty much sums up ‘Twisted’s view of Reality-Chat, Sharkie Style. ‘Twisted’ plays Twister and is from Strawberryville. No Guinness here, this sounds like Margarita’s and Pina Colada’s. ‘Twisted’ is hoping to host the 2007 ‘Sharkie Chat Awards’ and quite honestly, who wouldn’t go to Strawberryville to sip Pina Colada’s and play Twister? Sounds twisted, doesn’t it – you betcha ya! I wonder if everyone will put their ‘handle’ on their name tag. Better yet, would Swede Dylan make the trek over from Sweden? (Probably not, there are no rinks in Strawberryville.)

• Pimpzilla – In his signature it says “Keonjen (a.k.a. Ginger) is an evil tease”. In other words “Pimp” is looking for a cyber affair with Ginger, but Ginger has the hots for the professor. “Pimp” occasionally agrees with JTF but won’t admit that he too is trying to woo ‘Some Chick’. Controversy abounds with ‘Pimp’ but he knows his hockey.

• Some Chick – Isn’t this handle the most commonly used phrase among single men in America. “Ya, I was out last night and met some chick. By the way, who won the Sharks game?” No wonder “Pimp” and “JTF” have the hots for “Some Chick”; she is some chick who loves hockey. What’s not to love? You go girl!

• 41 MM Canadian Swedes – During the winter I wake up in Scottsdale to the warm weather thinking I must be smarter than 41 MM Canadian Swedes who are slugging out another tough winter north of the border. Of course it’s hot in Arizona in the summer so I spend time is Swanada where the weather is fine and so are the people. Not to be competitive, but we call them ‘red Canadian berries (or fishies)’ where I come from. Right back at ya, 41MM.

Who needs Desperate Housewives, The Young and the Restless or Jerry Springer – all you have to do is go to and click “Chatroom”.

I am Jamie Baker for Seagate Technologies “In The Crease”.

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