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Blogging With Jody Shelley

by Jody Shelley / San Jose Sharks
Twelve day road trips through New York City and Tampa, Florida are full of excitement and fun!

One would think that anyone spending a few nights in any of these areas might, for example, see the Empire State Building, or in Tampa, maybe a beach. The shopping, the dinners, the fancy hotels, the tours through every city, what a time…not so much.

To tell you the truth, there is a lot of work and travel and when the down time comes it’s usually spent sleeping or watching a movie, maybe grab a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee before dinner and go for a stroll in Manhattan for excitement. We keep it simple! Down time is savored and maybe this is because game days are so complicated and complex!

Let me walk you through one…

Rangers game
9:30 wake up call, get up, get dressed in the suit.
Go to MSG, get undressed.
Practise then get dressed.
Go have lunch then get undressed for the pregame nap. Wake up from the nap and get dressed.
Go to MSG, get undressed.
Play the Rangers (nice win) then get dressed.
Make my way back to the hotel, get undressed!
Complicated or what??

No wonder an afternoon to ourselves is spent horizontal in the hotel room while the city buzzes by, who wants to get dressed!!

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