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Ask the Sharks: Setoguchi's Answers

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks
Want to know more about Devin Setoguchi? The 22-year-old has some great stories; like his most embarrassing moment --- which actually happened at HP Pavilion.

Find out what Setoguchi did (that had his teammates cheering) in this segment of “Ask the Sharks.”

1.What is your schedule like being hurt? What do you do? – Lauren H.
When I wasn’t skating, I’d come to the rink in the morning and do treatment. Then I’d go upstairs, workout and ride the bike --- usually two rides a day. Then if it’s a game day, I would come back, do treatment again and workout again.

2.Growing up as a young hockey player, which players did you look to for inspiration? - Steve Kobata
I was actually always a big Paul Kariya fan. Just because we’re both Japanese Canadians and there wasn’t very many other Japanese Canadiens in the NHL other than him. So he was always the one person that I liked while I was growing up.

I’ve played against him a couple times. It’s pretty cool. We’re playing tonight (Thursday) so that’s kind of convenient too.

3.How is it playing with such elite players (Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, etc.) so early in your career? What's the experience been like and what have you gained/learned from it? – Theresa Nguyen
It’s done a lot for me. Getting to play with players like that has matured me more as a player. It’s an opportunity that not many people get to have --- much less so early in their career. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully I can continue to play with those guys.

4.Which one of the veterans has had the biggest influence on you? - Saad Khan
Probably Jeremy Roenick. He took Torrey and myself in a lot and we did dinners and hang outs. His little boy was always over at our place. He always came over and wanted to play video games.

5.What’s the most embarrassing thing you have ever done as a hockey player in general (or while with Sharks)?? – Brian
I guess I could say it was my first year as a Shark. We were doing these individual photos where you had to skate and stop at center ice and you get the snow up in the air. I was the last one to go and everyone was waiting for me. So I went and I stopped and face planted on the ice. I hit the side of my head on the ice and when I got up there was snow all over me. Everyone saw me and started cheering.

6.What do you think of the commercials that your teammates have been doing? Have you done one or would you be interested in doing one? – Jim Cobb
I think they’re great. They’re funny. I don’t know what I’d do. It would probably have to do with something I’m not good at. Like cooking. I would be burning everything and there would be smoke in the kitchen. Then it would say, ‘Devin Setoguchi is a lousy cook.’

7.What is it like to have a birthday on New Years Day? - Aman Sidhu
I like it. When I was growing up, we would have Christmas and then a couple days later I would get more presents. It feels like everyone is celebrating your birthday.

8.Last season, Torrey told some roommate stories in his blog about you. Do you have any story's about him you'd like to share? – Lyn C.
So far, no. There are always things that go on in our house. It’s fun to have him around because we’re two young guys and we have a good friendship. You need that when you’re a single guy and you don’t have family around.

Torrey’s girlfriend and my family still do our laundry. I’m still lazy. I haven’t really learned.

9.Whose house do you and Torrey raid at dinner time now that Roenick's gone? – Vince
We kind of just invite ourselves over to people’s houses. Like if we see Patty (Marleau), we’ll say, ‘Hey Patty, what are you having for dinner tonight?’ and then that’s kind of the hint. Then he’ll say, ‘Oh! Come on over, we’re having this.’ We try to make it around the room as much as possible. I’ve been to about five guys’ houses for dinner so far this year.

10.San José has a significant Japanese population, and the Bay Area has a large Asian population. Do any of your fans feel a special connection with you because of your Japanese background? – Barb
Yes. I like being able to represent the community a little bit. I’m only half Japanese, but I take pride in it. It’s great that I have a following and that people support me because of my background. I hope that other kids will try to play hockey too and I get excited when I see other Japanese kids out there cheering me on.
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