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Ask the Sharks: Rob Blake

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks
Prior to the Sharks game against Anaheim on Saturday, sat down with Sharks defenseman Rob Blake for his segment of “Ask the Sharks.”

Below are his answers to your best questions.

1.How does playing in San Jose compare to your time playing in Los Angeles and Colorado? – Benoit
Very similar to Colorado in style of organization and what they want to accomplish in winning the Stanley Cup. They treat you first class and eliminate all excuses.

2.Knowing what you know now from your time in the NHL, if you could go back in time and give some advice to yourself as a rookie, what would you say? – Tim

What would I tell myself? Probably the same thing I tell myself now: listen.

3.What is your preferred surfboard and where is your favorite place to surf? – Brett

I’m riding all the Epoxys right now and my preferred spot is Manhattan Beach.

4.We all know and appreciate the value of a good veteran like you for setting an example and instructing the younger players. Have you ever picked up a new move or learned something valuable from any of the rookies or newer guys on teams you've played on? – Steven
Yea, that’s the best thing about our sport. We learn every day. These kids come in and they’re so skilled and smart with the puck. You’re never too old to learn something new.

5.How has your game play changed since you became the Sharks Captain? – Daniel
I don’t know if my game has really changed. There are some things off the ice that I have to handle, but on the ice, it’s the same. I had the same experience in LA.

6. Who is the funniest guy on the team and why? – Brooke
Brad Staubitz is right up there. He’s a talker and he’s a good story teller.

7.You seem to be 'all business' out on the ice... you're a consummate leader... but I'm SURE you have moments of fun too...What has been the 'funniest' moment for you as a Shark -- on or off the ice?? – Norma

We had a gag gift for Christmas. Each guy drew a guy’s name out of a hat and gave him a gag gift without him knowing who gave to him. We did that in Dallas. That probably ranks up there; some of those gifts were the funniest I’ve seen.

8.You're almost halfway through the season. What grade would you give yourself and the team as a whole at this point of the season and why? – John

I would say a ‘B’ probably. Even though we’re at the top of the West and in our Conference we’re tied for the lead, we can still get better. There’s room for improvement. It would be difficult for me to give us an ‘A’ since there’s still room for us to improve.

9.How difficult is it to come back from an injury, and what do you do to maintain your skills while you're off the roster? – Josh
Not too bad. That’s the only thing, when you do get older, recovering from injuries does take longer. You get back in the lineup, but your timing and different thing do take longer to get back.

10.My friends and I have an ongoing debate, maybe you can help us out. Can you dunk a basketball on a ten foot hoop? – Conrad
Right now, at this moment, it would be questionable. I have many times in the past, but that was prior to hip and knee surgery. I would say at 40, probably not. But at 30, for sure.
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