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Ask the Sharks: Nichol's Answers

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks
Following the Sharks practice at Sharks Ice at Fremont, caught up with 34-year-old center Scott Nichol.

Below are his answers to your best questions:

1)What kind of music do you listen to before a game? –Scott
A little bit of everything --- a little bit of country, a little bit of Nickelback, a little bit of Foo Fighters --- a little bit of a mix all over the place.

2)During the NHL lockout, you played for the London Racers in the UK. How did you find ice hockey in the UK? Did you enjoy the city of London? –Jay

I really enjoyed London. My older brother lived there so it was a good time for me. He is six years older, so it was a good time to reacquaint ourselves because he moved away when I was younger.

The hockey was alright,. We played in Belfast, Ireland and Scotland so we traveled quite a bit but it was decent hockey.

3)Have you always been a good faceoff player? Who do you give credit for your success in this area of your game? –Linda
I just always tried my best. Brent Peterson from the Nashville Predators taught me about faceoffs in Junior. He was a checking center and he kind of instilled that in me in Junior for the Winter Hawks. Then I ended up meeting up with him the last four years in Nashville.

I have been very fortunate. I have had great coaches. Brian Screwdlin was a good faceoff guy and he was my coach in Calgary. I’ve had great teachers over the years.

4)Do you have any tips for faceoffs? –Blake
Just get in there and battle, that’s it. Just be strong and you want that puck, it’s your puck. When the referee drops it you try and do everything you can to win it back.

5)What do you say to the other guys before and after a fight? Do you both acknowledge that it was a good fight? –Stephen
No, I haven’t. A fights a fight. I don’t really go in there to make friends. I don’t fight that often, but if I do it’s mostly all on emotion and I’m not really patting anybody after that.

6)Is there one fight you have had that stands out from all the others? –Mikaela

My first year in Calgary I fought Steve Thomas. It was a pretty good fight. It was one of my first and I had always admired the way he played the game so it was pretty cool.

7)How does it feel to be a Shark after playing against them? –Carly

We made the right decision, right from when we got here its been awesome. The organization has been great, the guys have been great and I can’t imagine --- looking back now --- playing anywhere else other than this organization.

8)What is different about San Jose than the other stops in your NHL career? –Scott
Just maybe the mentalities of the guys of winning. Every game we come in we expect to win. In our minds we want to win and I just like their approach of the game, it’s about getting better every game and learning and I’ve really enjoyed that. I’ve enjoyed the strut that we have here.

9)Food in Nashville is a lot different than food here in Northern California. What foods do you miss eating or what new foods here have you grown to like? –Paul
They had a lot of deep fried stuff in Nashville, there’s a place called Loveless Café, it’s a real famous café place that a lot of celebrities and country music people go to. It’s just a hole in the wall, great fried chicken, fried artichokes and just fried okra, green beans, just a southern dish. So I would probably say good fried chicken.

10)Do your kids play hockey?

Our six-year-old plays hockey, our five year old skates and if it was up to our two-and-a-half-year-old little girl she would be playing hockey right now too. I am sure that all three of them will be, in the next few years, driving us crazy and we will be driving them everywhere.
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