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Ask the Sharks: Mitchell's Answers

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks

When Sharks fans first caught sight of Torrey Mitchell back in 2007, he was flying down the ice, driving around town in a rented Toyota Corolla and earning PlayStation’s “Sharks Rookie of the Year” accolades for scoring 10 goals and 10 assists in his first NHL season.

A lot has changed since then.

During a preseason practice in September 2008, Mitchell suffered a broken leg and was later sidelined with tendinitis. Following his breakout rookie season, he invested most of his time in physical therapy ---- and some of his money on a new car.

Now, Mitchell, 24, is back in the lineup and answering your questions for his segment of “Ask the Sharks.” Find out how Mitchell feels about coming back from his debilitating injury, scoring “THAT” short-handed goal against Anaheim and living with teammate Devin Setoguchi.

1. How did it feel stepping back on the ice after being injured for so long? – Thomas

It felt great. It was a long road, a long process to get back out onto the ice. It was rewarding, fun and good to be back out with the guys.

2. What’s the toughest obstacle you’ve had to face since coming back from your injury? – Laura
That’s a good question. A little bit of everything. It’s been faceoffs; it’s been trying to get stronger in the corners; it’s been trying to get my speed back. I was out for so long that I’ve got to piece everything back together again. People say, ‘When you get back you’ll be back in the swing of things.’ But it really takes a lot of hard work.

3. Was "THAT" goal the best you ever scored? (Back in December 2007 at Anaheim, he scored while on two knees.) And what in your mind would the "perfect" goal be like? – Jason
Yeah. That’s the best one I’ve ever scored in the NHL and that’s the nicest goal I’ve scored in my whole life. I’ve had a couple other good ones, though. When I was in college, I scored with zero seconds left in the game to beat New Hampshire. That was fun, but it wasn’t that nice of a goal.

4. What are your plans during the Olympic break and how will practices be different without those eight important players during that time? – Mak

I’m going back to Montreal for a week and take a little bit of time off. I’m going to try and stay in the swing of things and bring my hockey equipment back home. I’m still coming back from my time away so I don’t really think I need seven or nine days off. I’ve got some ice and a place to workout back home. So I’ll do that and spend some time with my family. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them. I haven’t seen them all year.

5. What’s your favorite United States and Canadian road city? – Chris
My favorite city in Canada is probably Montreal or Toronto. And I’d say Chicago is my favorite city in the United States. All the restaurants are pretty cool.

6. What’s your all-time favorite food? – Mikaela
Probably pizza. Cheese pizza. Or BBQ Chicken Pizza.

7. What’s it like to have Devin Setoguchi as a roommate? Is he a slob, a neat freak? - David
It’s good. It’s fun. He’s always got something on the go so it’s fun. He’s got people in town so there’s always a form of entertainment going on in the house. Right now he’s really into “Californication” (a series on Showtime). He’s been watching that all day. And he’s pretty clean for the most part.

8. Now that “J.R.” (Jeremy Roenick) has retired, where do you go to get a good meal and do your laundry? – Patti
My girlfriend does the laundry. And a good meal? I usually just go to High Five, Aldo’s or Forbes Mill.

9. You had an old but modest car back when you first came to San Jose. Do still have it? If not, what do you drive? – Brian
The Corolla was retired a long time ago. I have a Mercedes now. The Corolla was a rental for three months.

10. When you were injured, did you play any video games? If you did, which system: Xbox 360, PlayStation3, or did you get healthy from Wii Fit? –Kevin
I played Playstation 3 and FIFA Soccer.

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