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Ask the Sharks: Heatley's Answers

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks
Following the morning skate on Wednesday, caught up with Sharks left wing Dany Heatley for his segment of 'Ask the Sharks'.

Below are his answers to your best questions.

1.Why do you have tape only a small part of the blade of your stick? – Eddie Smith
Good question. A while ago, I was in a slump and a buddy of mine taped my stick up like that and I got a hat trick that night. So I’ve kept it ever since. I like how light it is. Too much tape makes the blade too heavy.

2.With you being one of the deadliest snipers in the league, are there any drills you can recommend for young players to fine tune their power and accuracy? - Steve
Just repetition and shooting a lot. I don’t think there’s one way to do it properly, you just have to go out there a lot and shoot a lot of pucks. Your body will get used to it and figure out the best way to shoot it.

3.Who is your roommate when you guys are on the road, and who from the team do you hang out with the most outside of hockey? – Drew
My room mate is Scott Nichol. He kind of takes care of me on the road, he’s a great room mate. In San Jose, we all kind of hang out together. But some of the younger guys hang out too; Ryane Clowe, Devin Setoguchi, guys like that.

4.What are the biggest differences for you now that you are playing in the Western Conference? – Cathy

Travel is obviously a little bit different. You have longer flights. And going out to the East Coast you have the three hour time change. For me that’s probably the biggest adjustment.

5.Why is the pupil in your left eye always dilated? Is your vision in your left eye any different than your right eye? –Chris Davidson

I got hit with a puck in the eye a few years ago and it just stayed like that.

6.You've received many honors at all levels in your career - Calder, multi-1st Team All-Star, Olympic games, Gold and Silver Medals for Team Canada and more. Is there one award or honor that stands out in your memory? – Steve Allen
Probably being on any Team Canada. I’ve won a couple gold medals with Team Canada and that’s probably my most special memory.

7.If you were born in Germany, why do you always represent Canada in international tournaments? – Karen
I grew up in Canada. My Dad is Canadian and played hockey in Germany so my brother and I were born there. Then we moved back to Calgary and that’s where I grew up.

8.What is your favorite part of living in the Bay Area? – Hana
Just everything. I like the mountains, the ocean’s close, I like the people and the weather’s perfect.

9.San Jose fans have welcomed you with open arms. How do you react when you see so many people already sporting Heatley jerseys and coming in by the hundreds to get your autograph at signings? – Carly
It’s great. The first game that I played in this rink, during the National Anthem, it was one of the loudest rinks I’ve ever been in. And every night it’s been like that. I really appreciate the support and get jacked every time I play in this rink.

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