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Ask The Sharks: Devin Setoguchi

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks
After the Sharks practice on Wednesday at Sharks Ice at San Jose, we sat down with Devin Setoguchi and asked him some of the best questions that were submitted to us at Here are his answers to your questions: When you suited up for your first game, did you think you would do as well as you have in such a short period of time?

No. I was more worried about trying to get into the lineup and playing consistently every night. So that was just a bonus for me to score in my first couple games.
Did you get any college offers? If any, which school would you have chosen had you not gone to Canadian Major Junior?

Setoguchi: I didn’t because I was too young at the time. They weren’t allowed to talk to me. But I wouldn’t have minded going to college because it would have been fun. I liked the Western League, it was a good decision.
Any other NHLers from Taber, Alberta?

No. There aren't. I don't believe so.
What do you do for fun when you are not skating?

Golf and hang out.
I see that you will be turning 21 on January 1, 2008. Do you have any big plans to kick off the New Year as well as your 21st birthday?

Not really, but it will be good. I can finally go out and lounge with some of the guys because right now I’m not old enough to even go out. So it will be fun.
How is it having a role model like Joe Thornton? How has he influenced how you have played this year?

It’s unbelievable. Jeremy Roenick has been great too. They’ve really helped me a lot in the first ten games of the season. Heading into training camp this year did you know that you would make the team, or was it the great pre season that earned you that position?

I knew I had a chance to make the team, but I never knew I would make the team in the end. And I didn’t. I got sent down at the start of camp. It was a long process for me, but now I’m here and trying to give them no reason to send me back.
What is your favorite part about San Jose so far?

The weather.
At any level along your hockey journey to the NHL did you think about quitting? And if so, who do we thank for getting you back on track?

Setoguchi: No. Not at all.
I've read that you are proud of being one of a few NHL players of Japanese descent. Are there any Japanese traditions that you enjoyed with your family growing up? Is there anything from your Japanese heritage that has helped you reach the NHL?

My grandparents are more traditional, but we really didn’t have too many traditions like that. I was always a big fan of Paul Kariya and he was my one role model that got me to where I am. With Christmas coming up, what is the one thing you want? Also what is the one thing you hope to accomplish on the Sharks that would be better than getting that one thing?

Setoguchi: I don’t think I could even ask for anything right now. I’m pretty happy with everything that I’ve gotten so far. But… maybe a new car. Winning the Stanley Cup is the goal here and it’s always been a dream for every player that’s ever played. What music do you listen to prior to a game?

Setoguchi: Techno and some rock music
So what did the guys give you for a nickname and what things are they making you do?

Setoguchi: ‘Gooch’ and nothing so far. I hear there is a rookie dinner coming up, so we’ll see when that happens.
What is your favorite thing about playing at home at HP Pavilion?

Setoguchi: The fans. It’s nice and loud and it’s a great atmosphere to play at.
What's your favorite food?

Setoguchi: Japanese food, sushi.
Can you describe any defining moments or situations (serious or funny) with coaches or players that made you feel they accepted you as being a member of the team - one of the guys - a San Jose Shark?

Just everyday being around everybody and being around the coaches. They’ve been around the league for like 15 years, so when they come and talk to you it’s a good feeling and it makes you feel welcome.
Who's the best golfer on the team?

Brown (Curtis Brown), 'Rivs' (Craig Rivet) or 'Pavs' (Joe Pavelski). Are you glad to have your car back so you don’t have to hear it from the boys anymore?

Setoguchi: Yeah, but I kind of miss it. Kind of miss the Corolla. That car had a lot of character. It meant a lot to us. We were probably the only two that had done that in a long, long time. And the fans liked it. Every time we pulled out, they loved our car, so we’re going to miss it.
Who do you sit beside in the locker room?

Setoguchi: I sit by JR (Roenick) and Cheech (Cheechoo) in both rooms.
Really, who does your cooking?

Setoguchi: Torrey and I kind of switch on and off. If one guy cooks, then the other one has to do dishes. It’s a good relationships we got going on.
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