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Ask the Sharks: Clowe's Answers

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks

On Friday prior to the Sharks game against Dallas, sat down with right wing Ryane Clowe.

Read about Ryane's unique pre-game ritual, his reasoning behind "face washing" opponents and the make and model of his very first car in this segment of "Ask the Sharks."

1.When you couldn’t seem to find the score sheet what methods did you use to still remain effective? Also, how were you able to come out of your slump? - Aaron
I think you don’t try to change anything up; you look at what made you effective in the past and try to get back to that. You always go through slumps. More than anything you just try to get back to what made you successful in the past.

2.When you “face wash” people after the whistle are you trying to stop them from approaching your teammate or are you really trying to agitate your opponent? - Bill

A bit of both. A lot of times it’s if someone is trying to pick on one of my line mates, or one of my team mates just trying to send a little message.

3.Do you have any quirky pre-game rituals? - Jennifer
Nothing crazy, just the regular --- like most guys have with the pre-game meal. The only thing I do is make sure I always remember to kiss my sticks before I use them or go on the ice. So I make sure I do that before every game.

4.I see you winning battles on the boards left and right, so what is the key to dominating the boards like you do? - Sean
Well, I think I am a little lucky because I’m a bigger guy and I can use my size to my advantage. But a lot of it is just using the boards to your advantage. We’ve all got big butts so you stick that out and it’s tough to move a guy when he has his butt out. So a lot of it has to do with moving; moving your feet and protecting the puck.

5.How do you feel your game has changed over the last few seasons with the Sharks, and how do you view your role on the team? - Megan
I don’t think my game has changed that much. I think with the new coaching staff it’s been pretty consistent as far as getting ice time and getting a good opportunity. As far as my game goes, I can’t change that. I’ve got to play the way I’m suppose to play and the way that makes me effective; that’s playing a hard-nosed game and getting into the net. I’ve got to be a power forward, a big guy that makes it hard on the other team --- especially on defense. I’ve got to be effective on the power play and use my offensive ability when I get a chance to score goals and help the team.

6.How can I become a faster skater? - Marty

You can get faster, obviously some people are naturally [fast] like Patrick Marleau or guys who are just naturally gifted, great skaters. If you want to improve your skating a lot of it has to do with technique and getting out on the ice. If you get a chance when you get older, work on your leg strength and your lower body strength. A lot of it has to do with working on your quickness and foot speed and as you develop your body, you’ll notice you’ll start to get quicker.

7.What is a typical game day like for you? - Mark
Pre-game skate, go grab some lunch --- usually chicken and pasta; most guys get the same thing --- go home, take a two hour nap and then come back pretty early --- probably three hours before the game. I like to just get back early and hang out and chill and relax for a bit before the game and think about the game and then start getting ready. Warm-up, stretch, we have meetings and that’s pretty much how it goes getting ready for a game. It’s a lot of getting dressed and undressed.

8.Do you feel a special bond with other NHL players from Newfoundland? - Kenny
Yeah, I sort of do because there’s not that many of us. There are probably four or five right now total in the NHL and we all know each other and we are all friends which is kind of cool. The fact that you’ve got the whole island of Newfoundland behind you is pretty exciting. When we go back home, we see how excited everyone is and proud of us. So we have a little bond there because we all go back, we all love it and it is special to us.

9.What do you like to do when you’re not playing hockey? - Marcus
During the season, I like to relax because our schedule is so busy. Usually when you’re not playing, you are practicing, so I like to go out to dinner with some of the guys and just take it easy. I like to check out a lot of movies and I like to go to movies and see what’s playing. In the summer time I golf a lot, but during the season it’s just a lot of relaxing.

10.What was your first car and what is the car of your dreams? - Jeremy
My first car was a ‘96 Pontiac Sunfire. I had a blue one with stripes down the side or something. My dream car is a nice red Ferrari.
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