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  1. Sign up to receive email updates using your student email address.
  2. Check your inbox during the season to access exclusive offers on tickets.
  3. Gather your friends, and purchase tickets to an upcoming Senators game!


What is Sens Student Army?

Sens Student Army is an exclusive program presented by Desjardins that gives post-secondary students in the Ottawa Region unique access to $27 Senators tickets, giveaways, contests, events and more!

How can I become a member?

As long as you are an active student at a post-secondary institution in the Ottawa region you are eligible to become a member. All you need to do is register your student email and follow us on Instagram and on Facebook to get all the latest news, access to exclusive contests and more!

Is there a cost to Sens Student Army?

There is no cost associated with being a member of the Sens Student Army! The only thing you pay for is your ticket to the game.

Why can't I access all the games on the schedule for the $27 rate?

Sadly, not all games are a part of the program and those not included will go into the vault.

What is the vault?

The vault is a place where we put games that aren't eligible to be part of the Sens Student Army program. However, Desjardins has the keys to the vault and are able to unlock it for a limited time, where they will pay the majority of the ticket price and you are still only paying $27!

The vault will not be unlocked often and tickets are limited when it is. The only way to know when the vault is going to be unlocked is by following us us on Facebook and Instagram and to make sure you are subscribed to all our email notifications.

Where can I access tickets?

Tickets are available online through a unique ticket link. To purchase tickets, you must use your student email address (associated with your school) to access the $27 rate.

Can I purchase multiple tickets?

Vault game purchases are limited to two tickets per student. All other games you can purchase multiple tickets. For groups of 9+ please contact [email protected] or call 613-591-5493

How do i access my Sens Student Army tickets?

All Sens Student Army tickets are mobile only. For complete instructions on how to access your tickets via your mobile device, please visit

I attend a post-secondary school outside of Ottawa, can I join Sens Student Army?

Yes! Sign up for Sens Student Army using your student email address for exclusive ticket offers to Senators games.

Does everyone in my group that I purchase tickets for have to be a student?

No! The person purchasing the tickets will need to use their student email address in order to access the Sens Student Army offers, however you can bring whoever you would like to the game with you.

Why aren’t all games available for purchase?

Tickets for Sens Student Army get released at the beginning of each month for the upcoming month. To be the first to know when new games are released subscribe to our database and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

What are Advanced Access Games?

Advanced Access Games are select games that are available all season long for purchase, while games continue to be released on a monthly basis these games can be purchased throughout the season.

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At Desjardins, we are committed to supporting young people in their projects and ambitions.

Through our foundation, programs and financial support to organizations, we enrich the lives of youth and their communities.

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