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Why it's important to click the link

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

Congratulations! You clicked the link!

Surprisingly, this doesn't always happen as was the case for one very salty NHL team last night.

Let's rewind.

The 2016 World Cup of Hockey is fast approaching (did you know we'll be hosting a pre-tournament game between Team Canada and Team USA on Sept. 10th at Canadian Tire Centre?) and buzz around the rosters and line-ups has been picking up lately.

Yesterday evening, the NHL released an article regarding some of the elite offensive defenceman set to represent their countries next month. A panel of 7 voters were asked who they believed would lead the tournament in scoring from the backend and to no one's surprise the Sens captain received all 7 first place votes.

"Erik Karlsson has led NHL defencemen in scoring three years in a row and each of the last four full seasons," columnist Nick Cotsonika said. "Enough said."

Enough said.

All that's left to do is to post the article to Twitter so fans can "have their say" and that's a wrap:

Here's where today's lesson begins: if you're going to provide a hot take, don't just read the tweet...READ THE ARTICLE (or at least look for some of the identifying hashtags).

This guy? As of now "this guy" isn't on a World Cup of Hockey roster so it seems unlikely that he'll lead the tournament in points by a defenceman. I think it's fair to say that this is a rather peculiar opinion given the circumstances and justified a response in that vain from the man himself:

And here's the part where we get dunked on for some reason:

Ouch. And yeah...we're confused all right.

Now I could talk about the origins of the Stanley Cup's creation in Ottawa or the banners that hang in our building from nearly a century ago but that's not going to help in this scenario because it turns out champs just don't need to click the link. Stone Cold Steve Austin didn't always have all the facts before he'd kick someone in the stomach and stunner them back into the dark ages and that guy was the best.

Predictably Pens fans loved the response (they didn't click the link either obviously) and bashed that retweet button to bits before peppering us with the standard mic drop gifs. High fives all around.

Well in the spirit of last night's events (which thankfully carried over to this morning), I've put together a very exclusive 1 man panel to answer a simple question of my own: who really should know better?


1. @penguins (1 first place vote)

So thanks again for taking the time to click the link and best of luck to all those players who are set to dawn their country's colours next month...and even those who aren't.

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