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Sens Practice Journal - 12.31.2014

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

The Senators hit the ice at Canadian Tire Centre for practice on Wednesday morning and we got a lot of updates on injuries and aspirations for the upcoming new year. Here's what they had to say after the session was over.

First up, Senators head coach Dave Cameron offered some comments on a few of the player's injuries and more. Here's what he had to say courtesy of Sens TV...

On Marc Methot:

He's feeling well and it's nice to see him back on the ice. One of the hardest things for an athlete is being hurt. They spend so much time training and getting ready. Then they get hurt and they're off and it's really hard and frustrating but he's handled it well. He's skated maybe 4 days in a row. I think probably the next step is contact and game conditions.

On Methot potentially playing games in Binghamton this weekend:

You'd have to ask the medical guys. He certainly would only play if all the medical stuff lined up for sure. He's not just going down there on a whim. He has to be cleared to play.

On the impact of Methot eventually returning to the lineup:

He's an NHL defenseman who's played over 400 games so I think everybody can use those. Your concern is that he's been off so long, how far behind is he in the fitness part of it. You can't fast forward fitness. To me that's the question mark.

On a timeline for Mark Borowiecki to return to the lineup:

I'll be honest with you and I say it all the time with injuries, when Gerry (Townend) comes in and I know a kid is hurt and he's for obviously a while here. It's not like day-to-day. All I want to know is when he's going to skate again. When he's getting close to skating come tell me. I know he's not close to skating for sure.

On the freak nature of Borowiecki's pre-game injury

I think soccer's a great warmup. It's a freak thing. You can't control freak things. You don't want to get to the point as a coach where you're controlling everything because you're going to burn them out and burn yourself out and it's a lose-lose scenario. It wasn't careless, it was freak and you can't control freak.

On his aspirations for the team in 2015

Just to get better each day a little by little and stay healthy.

Speaking of Mark Borowiecki, he spoke with the media for the first time since sustaining a cut to his leg prior to the Sabres game on Monday night. Again, Sens TV was there...

On how his pre-game injury occured:

We were out warming up, same thing I do before every game. We weren't doing anything too silly out there but I just happened to run by one of the electrical boxes out there and I felt something brush against my leg. It didn't hurt too much when it happened but then I looked down and saw what it was I was obviously a little shook up.

On his reaction after the injury:

When I did go down I was pretty fortunate that Lehner was there and Pageau, Andy and Bobby. They did a good job of holding me down and makes sure I didn't look at it. I was actually pretty impressed. Right away they put pressure on it. They all knew what to do so I'm pretty thankful for that.

On how the cut was treated:

I've heard a couple of different numbers but yesterday they told me it was 48 stitches. It was in 3 layers because it was pretty deep. I've got a bunch in the actual leg itself and that's what kind of the pressing issue is right now. Other than that it's just a matter of letting it heal.

Marc Methot re-joined the team for practice for the first time since being placed back on the IR earlier this month. Here's what he had to say to the media following the skate...

Update on his injury:

I feel good. The skate went well and we're taking it one step at a time.

On joining the team for practice this morning:

It was nice to get out there finally with the guys. It's much different when you're playing with your teammates rather than skating alone out there so it was a very refreshing change for myself.

Comparing how he feels now versus when he returned earlier this season:

I'm much better now. There's no question. There's a lot more jump in my step and way less hesitation. I just feel more comfortable and I'm in a better mood because of it when I'm out there on the ice.

On changing up his treatment:

We changed a couple little things. Certainly, this time we took a lot more time off. We didn't rush into it. We made sure that they limited what I was doing on the ice and not pounding on the injury. I think that made a big difference.

On being open to a conditioning stint in Binghamton:

We're discussing that right now actually. It's a possibility. I'm welcome to any ideas. Whatever the team thinks is best, I'm all for.

And finally, we got some comments from Bobby Ryan after practice. Here's what he had to say...

Reflections on 2014:

I guess individually it was a good year with getting engaged and all that. Obviously the surgery wasn't a lot of fun. I'm optimistic that 2015 will be a lot better professionally.

Hopes for 2015:

Early on I think I just want to help get ourselves back in the fight. To put ourselves back in the playoff mix going down the stretch as a team stringing some wins together. Hopefully, I can provide a little more offense in the goal scoring department.

The team's increased production in shots on goal:

I think it's a telling stat. It means you're controlling the puck a lot more and dictating the pace of play. I think each and every game that we've played, although we've lost the tight ones that we've outshot teams, we've found a way to build off the game beforehand. We've done that consistently and now the next step for us as a team is to string together wins. We haven't done that yet and that's going to be important for us moving forward.

On coming off a hat-trick:

That's one of those weird ones where there's a five day lull and you kind of wish there wasn't. You just want to go back out and get right into it but hopefully with two good practices you can continue to skate and shoot at that high level and carry that right into Boston on Saturday. That's the plan anyway.

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