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Sens Practice Journal - 11.5.2014

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Senators hit the practice ice at Canadian Tire Centre on Wednesday morning. Here's what they had to say after the session was over...

Senators head coach Paul MacLean offered his updates on last night's game and tomorrow's tilt with Minnesota after practice. Here's what he had to say...

On Phillips:

It was a maintenance day for Chris after the game last night and we'll see how he is tomorrow.

On tomorrow's starting goaltender:

We will have a starting goalie tomorrow but we have not made the final decision yet.

On Methot:

He's progressing. He's a little bit more every day but we're not encouraged yet that he'll join us for practice.

On if Phillips will play tomorrow:

I think either him or Boro. Boro had a good day today and skated for the first time. Borowiecki and Phillips we believe are going to be available tomorrow, we just have to decide which will go in but I believe that Chris will be ready tomorrow.

On the decision to keep Lazar:

It was a very easy decision to keep Curtis the way he has played, the consistency he has shown, he has shown the ability to adapt to the game and raise the level of his game. We feel very comfortable and confident that him staying here is going to make us a better team.

On Lazar's play away from the puck:

That's the one thing about the this and the that, he understands the this. If he wants to get to that he has to do this and he has learned that very early in his career. He does this very well and now he'll have a chance for that.

On if last night was their best game:

It wasn't my best game but it was the team's best. My best was March 9, 1983, I think I scored three or four goals on my birthday. For our team last night it was a pretty consistent effort and the first period for sure was our best first period. We just have to build on that.

On Lazar's role in the team:

Curtis right now with Hoffman and Stone has become a very energetic line for us. Right now they're a goal a game line at this point in time, they had another goal last night, and we project going forward they're going to be consistent players for us and Curtis playing centre for us is his best position. How high he ends up playing in the lineup, I'm not sure, I don't number them one, two, three, four but I know he plays between 12 and 15 minutes a night. Does he get to 15 to 20? That's going to depend on how they play... We're going to try to expand it as he grows into it. During the game if they're one of the best groups we're going to get them out but we don't plan to expand his role beyond what he earns.

On his maturity:

Lots of guys get sprinkled with a different kind of dust — they can shoot, they can skate, they can do different aspects of the game better. He's got hockey sense. He's got real good hockey sense, he's in the right place a lot, he knows where to go and that's probably his best skill is the fact he knows where to go.

On the size of the roster:

That's hockey, we've always said you need eight or nine defencemen to be successful and right now we're through eight of them already. Freddy Claesson, Alex Grant, Patrick Mullen, guys that are playing in Binghamton are good players too. They're part of that mix of defencemen, we can't keep them all here and keep them all happy with only being able to play six but it proves you need depth at the position.

On if he's concerned about Turris' production:

I have no concerns about it at all. I'm only concerned if you don't get any chances. If you're getting chances just keep playing.

On last night's disallowed goal:

I thought it was a goal but it doesn't matter what I think. I thought it should have been a goal.

On players in slumps having bad luck:

The weird one was the goalie in the American League that put the net over on the 2-on-0 breakaway. I was waiting for Jimmy Howard to knock the net over last night. Stuff happens, we had the 2-on-0 last night, we had lots of good opportunities. If you keep getting good looks it's going to go in.

On Minnesota:

They're a very hard-working team and they're very structured. My understanding is Zach Parise got hurt last night, I heard that in the coaches room, but they're still a very good team. Their goaltending is very good, they're a hard-working group and they're going to be a tough challenge.

On Borowiecki's availability:

We haven't determined that yet but he should be available barring no setbacks tonight.

On Chiasson:

He was available for us today. He had the shot block in Boston so we believe that yes, he'll be available. Are we going to play him? We'll make that decision in the morning and make sure he's good. He got through practice and we'll make a decision on him tomorrow.

On additional roster decisions:

Depth is an important part of the game. Colin and Erik Condra have been important players for us and they're still important players for us. We can only keep 23 so the real crunch is going to come when Marc Methot gets healthy and we activate him. We can only have 23 people so that's when the real crunch is going to come along. Right now it's still difficult to tell people they're not playing but we have 23 and we can only play 20.

On the junior reporters in attendance for "Take Your Child to Work" day:

I think they ask astute, intelligent questions with very little coaching. I think it's great. It's good fun and I hope they're having fun.

Bobby Ryan spoke to the media after today's Sens practice. Here's what he had to say...

On Lazar staying:

He has been great. At times you have to remember he's 19 because he comes into the room and he's such a professional already. I don't think there was any doubt in our minds in the room that he was staying and we're excited. He's earned the right to be here. The coaches have been great at not putting too much expectation and just letting him play. He's just a kid. I know Pierre Dorion came into the room last night looking for him and we told him to get out of the room and leave him alone. He had the support of everybody in the room.

On last night as a confidence boost:

Obviously in the first I think we came in and felt really good about the way we started and that hasn't been the case. We haven't trailed as much but we've let the first five minutes get away from us and the momentum has been in their favour in a lot of games this year. To do that against a team as good as Detroit makes you feel good. Truthfully Howard made a few huge saves. We could have come in here with a two, three, or four-nothing lead if any of us had finished. I think there's a lot of belief, there was already, but a game like that concretes it.

On the third periods:

They've been a focal point for us this year in learning how to sustain leads, play with leads and not just sit back. You have to be aggressive in some areas and I thought we did a good job of that. Obviously they got one back and we found a way to come back and take the momentum and change it again. It has been good for us.

Mark Borowiecki returned to the practice ice today after not skating since last Tuesday's game in Columbus where he was injured. Here's what he had to say...

On the injury:

I had my two front teeth knocked out and had to get some dental work done... I don't want to get into too much detail but I was just a little banged up. You saw it, it was obviously an awkward hit and I had to get some stuff taken care of.

On if he watched a replay:

I took a peek at it right after, Corey Tropp was really good about it. He sent me a text right after, I kind of know him from the American League, we had a few battles down there. I know he had no intention of hurting me, it's a quick game and that kind of stuff happens.

On getting back on the ice:

It feels really good, I've been out on my own for the past two or three days. It's one thing to be out there by yourself and it still feels good to be on the ice, but to be out and part of the group is definitely a good feeling.

On his availability tomorrow:

I should be available, I'm not sure what the plan is to be honest. Obviously I need to get my conditioning to where I want it to be and where it needs to be a a contributing member of the team but I feel good, I feel like I'm in shape and I should be ready to go.

On the team's defensive depth being tested:

It's funny how it works but that's just the nature of the game. You get caught in tough plays like that and can't predict that kind of stuff so I think that's probably an argument for keeping a few extra guys around. You never know.

On the injury potentially being worse:

After looking at the hit a couple of times I think I'm pretty fortunate. It was a tough spot and I didn't know he was coming, I didn't have a chance to brace and you saw the face first into the yellow dasher. That's never fun.

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