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Paul MacLean after the intrasquad scrimmage

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Senators head coach Paul MacLean spoke to the media after the team's intrasquad scrimmage on Sunday afternoon. Here's what he had to say...

On the game:

I thought the White team was — maybe we should have balanced it out a little better than we did. I felt the White team certainly was the better team. The Red team, we saw some of the bugaboos that followed us around last year and those are things we need to get out of our game. That's why we're in training camp, it's the first time we've played since April of last year and we need to continue to work at it every day to get better.

On if there are any expectations ahead of a scrimmage:

It's just mind wide open, this is the first time our players — the competitive level goes up again. They've been skating against one another for a month or two weeks or whatever it is. This is the first time that it's back and it's being serious. We're not over-evaluating the way the day went and we're not surprised to see some of the old things that happened to us in the past are still there because it's the second day. We've identified things we need to work on and we did see some of that in the play on the White team, maybe more than on the Red team for stuff we wanted to do. We're not going to over-evaluate today based on anything that happened, but we're going to get ready for the games tomorrow and expect to get better at the end of tomorrow.

On players he liked:

I thought Chiasson, Mika and Milan was a very good line. I also thought the Smith line was very good for the White team, and the Lazar line for the White team did a good job of controlling the neutral zone and the pace of the game, not allowing the team to play in their end at all.

On Ryan's injury:

Initially you thought "what happened there" but we believe it's not something that's going to keep him out, but with protocols and all that he's not going to play in the games tomorrow. That's what the NHL protocol is right now and that's the only reason why he's out tomorrow. I believe he's going to practice but he won't be in the game.

On Stone's chemistry with Turris and MacArthur:

It's interesting. Last year when he played there he played well and had success as well. It was good to see him go down there and again make something happen for them. I thought Mark was a good player for the Red team too when he went over at the start of the third period, the Red team picked things up. It was a bit of a shopping cart trade in the middle of the game but I thought he came out and had himself a good day.

On young players over-thinking things in camp:

Most young players come in and work real hard. Mostly they try to accomplish what they can accomplish by showing you how hard they can work. It's not so much how well they can play your system because it's impossible for them to really learn it. A lot of hockey is played the same way at all levels but I think the big thing young guys try to show you is they can work hard. I think tonight some of the older guys and veteran guys, they come in and play and know it's their first dip in the water and things get better for them as things go on.

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