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Patrick Mullen on being acquired by Ottawa, joining Binghamton

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

While the acquisition of Ales Hemsky was the trade that grabbed headlines for Sens fans, the team bolstered its organizational blueline depth with a pair of trades before the deadline. The first of those two trades had the Sens acquiring Patrick Mullen from the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for college prospect Jeff Costello.

Here's what Mullen had to say about his game, joining the Sens and more...

On the news of the trade:

It had never happened to me before, I got a thousand phone calls and text messages and everything. I pretty much just packed up and drove here (to Binghamton). It's only two hours so it wasn't too bad.

On how he found out about the deal:

I just finished lunch with some of the guys and I checked my phone when I got in the car and I had a bunch of missed calls and voicemails. At that point I kind of knew something was up obviously so then I finally talked to Vancouver and Ottawa and my agent and the coach in Utica.

On speaking with the Sens:

They just told me I had a good opportunity in Binghamton. They have a good team, I've played against them three times so I already knew that. They're one of the teams that guys on my team made comments on like, "Wow this team makes great plays and has great players." It was just go down there and hopefully you guys can go on a run in the playoffs.

On going to Binghamton from Utica:

It was really tough to leave those guys in Utica because there are so many great people there and I've made some good friends. We just started off slow there, we didn't get a win until our 11th game of the year I believe, and it's tough to come back from that in this league. I do think we had a good team there it's just we were so far behind right away that it was tough to get back. Coming here and they're in first place and they have a great team, it's a great opportunity and I want to help any way I can.

On what he knew about the Sens organization:

I didn't know too much about them but I've played with Patrick Wiercioch in Denver in college and I've watched Spezza and Alfredsson for so long and stuff. I know how Canada is about their hockey. I got a little piece of that in Vancouver at their training camp. It's different there than what I've been around in the States as far as hockey goes. It's pretty cool, it's an NHL franchise in Canada, that's pretty special.

On what he took away from playing against Binghamton:

They just make plays. They make plays that are fun to watch even though you're playing against them. It's like, "Wow these guys are good." I like to make plays, I look to make the pass, I don't necessarily look to chip it out or something like that. Hopefully I can continue to make plays with these guys.

On meeting Luke Richardson and Steve Stirling:

I just met them Wednesday, I got in for practice so I was able to practice two days now and it has been great. They're very calm and positive and I think that helps me. I think I'm a very positive person and I think that helps me when the coach is like that too.

On approaching the stretch as an impending UFA:

I think here you're not guaranteed the playoffs but there's a good chance of it. That's even more opportunity and more games to play. I think that's the most important time to play is in the playoffs. Just take advantage of that and who knows? Maybe someone in Ottawa likes me or maybe some other team likes what I did in the playoffs. It's just taking advantage of the playoff situation.

On the influence of his father, Joe:

He was my hero growing up and I just always try to be like him. I think people who know both of us have said, "Wow you're just like your dad." He has been great for me and even when I got traded, I had never dealt with it before but he had. He just talked to me and said the first couple of days might be a little weird, it's going to be meeting new people and everything and after that it's just another hockey team, most hockey players are the same. It has been great here and welcoming and made it really easy for me.

On his style of play:

I was a forward my whole life until my junior year in college when I was switched to defence and I've kind of been learning on the fly since then. I think this is my sixth season playing defence but I have a lot of natural forward instincts. A lot of people when they first see me say I skate like a forward. I try to make plays and I like to help out as much offensively as I can but I take pride in how I play defensively. It kills me more to get scored on than I enjoy it when I get an assist or something like that.

On the switch to defence:

We always had a pretty deep group of forwards at Denver with Tyler Bozak, Rhett Rakshani and Brock Trotter and those guys. I think we had a bunch of injuries at the end of my sophomore year and I kind of just got thrown into it. The coaches liked what they saw and they stuck me with it the next year. I fought them a little bit on it but in the end I guess it was the right decision, I'm happy with it now and I enjoy playing there.

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