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Offside w/ WWE's Becky Lynch

With Smackdown Live at Canadian Tire Centre yesterday we caught up with the Women's Champion to talk all things Sens and hockey

by Craig Medaglia @craigmedaglia / Ottawa Senators

Ever wonder what Smackdown Live's Women's Champion Becky Lynch knows about hockey? Well we sure did and the champ was kind enough to spend a few minutes talking hockey with us along with assigning some wrestling gimmicks to a few Sens players...

If you've listened to and enjoyed some of our previous Offside interviews they are typically non-hockey conversations with one of our guys. They really started as a mechanism to break up the non-stop hockey questions these players get on a daily basis and delve into whatever trending topics are going around that day.

Well, get ready for literally the exact opposite.

Instead of non-hockey talk with Sens players we've got hockey talk with a non-Sens player as we chat about nothing but with WWE's Becky Lynch...


On only recently going to her first hockey game:

Would you believe I never went to a hockey game when I was living in Canada? But I went to my first hockey game not too long ago to see the Predators in Nashville. One of my friends is a cheerleader for them so I got to see a hockey game there. It's so exciting! It was so exciting and I didn't know anything about it going in to it.

Her first time on skates:

My first time coming over to North America was to New York around Christmas time when I was 7. My mom was a flight attendant and she got put on to the Trans-Atlantic route over Christmas time so she brought the whole family. That was my first time over to New York which is where I fell in love with this side of the pond and then we went ice-skating on Christmas Eve in Central Park and that was magical. 

We had a little fun next and based off of these pictures of Sens players below, she helped come up with their WWE character...

Chris Neil:

Wow. He looks like a bit of a bruiser, doesn't he? I feel like he'd be that jock, he'd be that bully jock that you just hated. You know that one? Like he's really got that face...he's definitely a heel. And he'd have a letterman jacket. I'm not even sure what they are but I've seen them on American sitcoms.

Erik Karlsson:

Oh look at him. He's got a bit of a Captain Jack Sparrow thing going on. He could be a pirate, couldn't he? How do you know that you're a pirate? You just AAARRRHHH. Oh look! He's got a "C" on his jersey! Because his first love is the sea!

Mark Borowiecki:

He's a hardcore wrestler. He could fit quite well with The Headbangers who are also on Smackdown at the moment. The third member of The Headbangers.


Oh my gosh I just need to get him a pair of goggles and we are a tag team. He needs to come to the ring with me. Like I said, people are always attacking me from behind and I need somebody to watch my back. He is just the guy to do it. A pair of goggles and we're winners. 

Could this team hit the squared-circle one day? Maybe...

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