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Offside w/ Marc Methot

We take a break from talking hockey to touch on a variety of popular topics with Marc Methot

by Craig Medaglia @craigmedaglia / Ottawa Senators

It was a practice day for the Sens today and we sat down with Marc Methot to talk about anything but hockey. We cover World Egg Day, Ken Bone peaking, Harambe tributes and whole lot more in the very first edition of Offside.

Click here for the full off-day conversation and we've got some highlights below as well...

Real talk about eggs:

I don't go a single day without having eggs. Even in the summertime. I fluctuate between over-easy, scrambled and omelets. I have to switch it up all the time because I eat them so often.

Having breakfast and watching #TeamCanada play. Solid morning. ����

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He got a haircut so we talked about completely shaved heads:

If you're balding…I don't think it's a good idea to grow a skullet. I think it's a good idea to just Bic it off and just roll with it because, you know, you're not fooling anybody. This combover pandemic is atrocious. Some guys can rock it ok but for the most part it's tough.

Marc also hopes fashion will even out in the future:

I'm fed up with suits always changing because I end up buying suits and then in about 5 years from now they run out of style so I wish we could just run with something simple. But that will never happen. 

His thoughts on Ken Bone peaking:

He isn't going to get any more popular. He shouldn't be popular. He's popular because people were laughing at his overall appearance with the mustache and the red sweater that obviously sold out the next day, clearly for Halloween costumes. If I'm him, I'd do the same thing. I'd sell out as soon as I could and get that money.

A very special birthday wish:

Huge shoutout to Mystikal. I used to listen to you when I was younger.

After Bryce Harper's tribute last night, we brainstorm ideas for how he could memorialize Harambe this season:

I might put his initials, I guess Harambe doesn't really have initials. I might just have to write his name on my blade or something. I might do that tonight. We'll see what I can fix. Or maybe on the knob of my stick? I'm not sure yet.
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