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Offside w/ Bobby Ryan

We spend a few minutes with Bobby Ryan after practice to talk about only pizza

by Craig Medaglia @craigmedaglia / Ottawa Senators

Apparently November 12th is #PizzaWithTheWorksExceptAnchoviesDay so to commemorate such a special annual event we sat down with Bobby Ryan and talked all things pizza.

We've got some snippets of the conversation below or you can listen to the whole thing here.

On if he celebrates this hashtag holiday:

I'm not an anchovies guy. I'm not even a works guy. I'm a very bland eater so it's pepperoni and cheese and that's it for me.

Kiss, Marry, Kill: thin crust, stuffed crust, deep dish.

I'm going to kill the stuffed crust, I'll kiss the deep dish and marry the thin crust. I'm a thin crust guy.

Where he ordered pizza from when he was a kid:

Yeah. It was always King of Pizza in jersey for me. King of Pizza is the only place I go sausage because it's phenomenal there. I'll be there monday night when we're in Jersey. I'll get off the plane and my dad will pick me up and we'll go for a slice.

Could he eat a whole large pizza in a sitting?

No, probably not. Do I have to eat the crust? I don't eat crust. I'm not a crust guy so if I were just eating the inside of the pizza and leaving the crust then yeah. But that's where all your calories are killing you right there in the crust. I'm no crust on anything.

On the effects eating an entire pizza all at once would have:

We burn the calories for sure but those would linger on a guy like me. Those are going to my hips. Turris could sit down and have one right now and lose two pounds. What a gift.

His thoughts on gluten-free pizza:

I ordered one time when they told me I was allergic to gluten so I said "all right, I'll try it". Might as well just chew on the cardboard that it came in. 
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