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Jason Spezza post-practice - 10.24.2013

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Sens captain Jason Spezza met with the media today after a two goal performance in Detroit, which led the Sens over the Red Wings. He discussed the victory, the upcoming matchup with Anaheim and the team's play as a whole.

Here's what he had to say...

On keeping things going vs. Anaheim:

Yeah we play a team that played us really well in their building and we feel like we have to try and build off of last game. We're looking forward to hopefully getting a bit of redemption and playing a better hockey game tomorrow.

On his big game last night:

It was an important game. Going into the Joe can be an intimidating building if you don't have early success there, it can maybe get into your head a little bit. We talked about that before the game and to get comfortable and win a game in that rink goes a long way. We're going to have a lot of games against those guys coming up this year and years to come so it's a good way to start, but we know they're going to give us a better effort next time I'm sure.

On playing well during old vs. new captain storylines:

You try to play well in big games, it felt good to get on the board early a couple of times. I thought to a man that was our most complete game. When we're playing that way we're a good hockey club and it makes all the individuals look good too.

On last night's performance as an example of what they can bring each night:

We hope so, that's what we're going try to establish ourselves as — a team that can play a fast pace, that can roll four lines. When you get the lead you want to be comfortable holding the lead and I thought we showed that yesterday. In some of the previous games I don't think we were as comfortable with the lead. I think playing with the lead is a big thing in this league and you have to get used to doing it and you have to do it well. I thought that was a good step in the right direction yesterday.

On the team's level of play:

I think the Oilers game was a step in the right direction because we played with a little more pace and got pucks on the net. I think the team we played as in San Jose and Anaheim isn't the team we want to be. I think we're hoping we're more of a resemblance of what we were last night and I think it showed that we can play with the elite teams in the East and that's important. But, we have to continue to build off of it, anyone can win one game. You have to string together — whether you win or lose — you have to string together good hockey for a long period of time.

On the team's tempo:

That's kind of what we've prided ourselves on is being a fast, hard-working team over the last couple of years and we probably didn't have that over our first seven or eight games. It's hard, yeah, but that's what makes you successful. That's why we've always worked hard in practice, that's why we've always pushed ourselves and because of that it has allowed us to skate a lot during games so we hope that we can continue to work on that stuff and it becomes a regular occurrence for us.

On the Anaheim game as an eye-opener for the team:

I think we were embarassed a little bit there. That game was not pretty, they carried the play all night and they buried their chances when they had it. I don't know if it was an eye-opener but it was a moment where we used it as a bit of a rallying point as this is not going to be a fun year if we play this way. Sometimes you need games like that to give yourself a bit of a reality check. We've had some decent success against Toronto and Buffalo there early and probably didn't play our best games and then that game kind of seemed to culminate everything coming together and knowing that we have to be much better than we're playing.

On Monday's practice as a message:

We knew he wasn't happy regardless of whether or not he would have barked at us that day, but Mondays are days where we have two days in between and are generally work days. That was an extra long one and he wanted to get a point across and I think it worked.

On the Turris line helping his production:

I think Turry took a lot of steps as a player last year and he was forced to play top minutes every night and I think that has made him a better player. I think he has played really, really well. Clarke's come in and fit in really well, Bobby's doing what he does and scores goals. To have that line going like that makes us a better team. You need scoring from everywhere, guys are going to dry up at times and that's where depth comes in. We feel like we have good depth.

On beating Daniel Alfredsson as the new captain:

I think it's less personal to us than it is maybe from the outside. I think it was important for us to play well and for me to play well in that game because we felt it was a big game against a division rival now that we're going to see a lot of that can be intimidating. The personal me, Alfie, it's not really there that much. Last night I looked at it was me against Pavel Datsyuk and I was playing against him and trying to compete with him and he's one of the best centres in the game. I looked at that as the challenge and not Alfie, he plays right wing and we didn't see each other much last night on the ice.

On last night as a turn around game:

It gives you confidence, it gives the group belief that we can play with some of the big teams and when we play right and when we do things right we have a good hockey club as well. It's one game, they've probably got much better than they showed us last night, but for us we can use it as a bit of a springboard and play three of the best teams in the league this week. If we can follow that one up with some good showings here it'll definitely go a long way for us confidence-wise.

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