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Coach MacLean post-practice - 1.4.2013

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Sens hit the ice in Tampa this morning ahead of tomorrow's game against Martin St-Louis, Ben Bishop and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Sens coach Paul MacLean offered his thoughts on today's skate, yesterday's game and more.

Here's what he had to say...

On the mood in practice:

I think any time you win it's a good mood but also at the same time we had some work to do and some things to continue to work at and we felt we did that. The mood is good and we want to keep that going.

On the lines:

As we said multiple times we're still searching for our best team to play on a nightly basis and the group we played last night was certainly one of the more successful ones we've had lately so I think we're going to err and try to stay the way we are at this point barring anything happening overnight.

On Joe Corvo:

Joe when he first got here, the understanding was he would be the sixth or seventh defenceman and give us some veteran play when he could get in. We didn't get that right away but I think this second time we've put him in the lineup, he has been everything he was advertised to be when we signed him and I think his work ethic is obviously — you can't question anything like that. His play with the puck, his abilities, his mobility with the puck, he's starting to show that again. We're excited about that for him and we want to make sure it keeps going.

On work ethic as a message for younger players:

I think so, any time you have someone working that hard and you're not, you should ask yourself a question.

On his youthful play:

Well, I mean, he takes great pide in keeping himself in shape and that's what you find with older players in the NHL nowadays that want to keep playing. They understand that it's getting faster and faster and you have to maintain and try to get faster and faster, or at least maintain what you have for as long as you have it. That work ethic is really something that we've tried to engrain in our culture here.

On tomorrow's starter:

Andy was very good last night, got bumped there a couple of times, so we're going to take another night to make a final decision on it. We certainly were pleased with how he played.

On the win as a building block:

It is a good building block for him. I think we're going to make a final determination — we haven't made it yet and we want to consider both of them.

On Tampa's recent scoring drought:

It scares you to death is all it does, but again, our biggest opponent lots of times is us. We've won one in a row numerous times this year. The challenge for us is to come here and do it again tomorrow night.

On Bishop's success:

Well obviously when we had him for the six months he did an outstanding job for us. We certainly felt he had the ability to — whether or not he would develop depended on opportunity. We didn't have the opportunity for him and he got the opportunity here. It's really a great credit to him, he's a fine young man and really was professional when we had him. No, we're not surprised he has had success. He is a fine young man and a good goaltender in the league.

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