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Coach MacLean on the 3-2 OT loss to New Jersey

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Senators head coach Paul MacLean offered his thoughts after a 3-2 Senators overtime loss on an emotional evening for the team and city of Ottawa. Here's what he had to say...

On the night:

It was a wonderful, emotional ceremony. I think at the start it was very moving and touching and the fans gave an indication of their warmth towards the two soldiers whose lives were taken. I thought it was a great start to the game. We played a difficult opponent in a back-to-back situation. They were going to be real patient and I thought that was the difference in the game.

On issues after the week off:

We liked the pace we played at. We think it had more to do with the opposition, they are a very structured team, they make you have to execute, they make you have to do it all the time. They're very good that way. I thought that ended up being the difference. We force two pucks in, turnovers come back the other way and that's how they do it.

On shuffling the lines:

I kind of moved everybody around for a little bit trying to get a three line rotation with one that I would sink in there and see if we could get a little bit of pace. It was having a game trying to get the best nine guys on the ice as quickly as I could but at the same time giving them a bit of a bone before we went back at them again with the fourth group. It was just a matter of trying to see what we could get going.

On tomorrow's back-to-back:

We're going to have to try to be that patient road team that played us tonight. We should be able to look at a few things and show our guys that a few things about being patient and letting the game come to you as opposed to trying to force things into thinking you have the game under control. Just handling the momentum swings. Again, I don't think we handled the momentum. When we had the momentum to make it 1-0 we got one puck below their goal line, there was a timeout and by the next timeout it was 2-1 for them. The handling momentum when it was on our side was different for us tonight. Other nights we haven't handled the momentum when it went the other way but tonight I thought we had it but didn't do enough right to keep it.

On the game winner:

It's a 4-on-3 in overtime. They're trying to win the game but at the same time you're killing the penalty in overtime, you try to force it in and it turns over and goes the other way and puts people in a bad spot. We know they're trying to win the game too.

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