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Catching up with: Logan Brown

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

We had a chance to catch up with Sens' 2016 first-round pick Logan Brown on Day 2 of Development Camp to talk expectations, the upcoming scrimmage and more...

On how being familiar with the organization has been a big plus:

I think being familiar with Chris Schwarz and some of the training staff has helped. I had a little work done with a couple of the docs throughout last summer, just some maintenance stuff, so I knew a lot of people coming in and I think that helps a lot. A lot of stuff we were doing in the gym and in the testing, I kind of have a head start on a lot of the first year guys. He taught me those things over the past two summers so I'm really comfortable with everything.

On the expectations that come along with being a first-round pick:

For Development Camp they really harped on me to just come in and that it's not a tryout. Just try to soak everything up and learn so that's what I'm trying to do. There are a lot of good resources here and I just have my ears wide open and I'm really taking everything in that's new. I'm lucky to be able to spend the whole summer here because I'm going to be able to expand on them all off-season.

On his physical testing results yesterday:

They were kind of what I expected. I did pretty good in a lot of the movement stuff and as for the strength stuff I was kind of in the middle of the pack. Being 6'6" I'm not going to jump as high as a 5'9" guy or jump as far or be as explosive so that's what I've really been working on. I know that and that's the thing that I'm missing I think.

On using a guy like Nick Paul as a resources during Development Camp:

He's played in the NHL for I think it was 25 games or whatever it was so he's been here and he's definitely a guy that I'm going to look to and try to mimic. He was the last one on the ice yesterday and I think that says a lot so I'm just trying to follow in his footsteps. Being my first camp, he's someone good to look too and learn from. He's helped me a lot.

On looking forward to any events on the Development Camp schedule for this week:

I haven't really looked too far ahead. Just coming in I was excited so really all of it. I am looking forward to the game on Saturday to maybe showcase my skills and hopefully impress some of the people.

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